BEWARE of Crypto Trades – review

Crypto Trades official pageRead this review to learn why you need to exercise caution when dealing with the Crypto Trades Exchange.

The Crypto Trade webpage says that this program can help you to earn money with Bitcoin. A Bitcoin professional will allegedly teach you how to profit in trading cryptocurrencies. But we doubt it.


Worrying stepsThere is a lot of different projects claiming that making money is easy. It is not. Not even with cryptocurrencies, you have to have a sound strategy. And when you have it, you don’t give it for free to strangers. This is common sense.

When somebody wants to teach you how to invest, they have to have an investment license, because they are providing investment advice. Yet we see no regulatory information about CryptoTrades, so we have to assume that it is an unregulated, and therefore illegal service in most countries.

The thing you should pay attention to is what you will be required to do. It seems that one of the first things you will have to do with CryptoTrades is to deposit money with a certain broker. If they push you to deposit with unregulated brokers, don’t do it!

Because typical scams work like this, they earn money by pushing people to deposit with unregulated brokers. Often, they will promise you earnings, if you deposit, which is a clear sign of scam.

The Crypto Trades website suggests that it is precisely what you will have to do, deposit with a broker that will be dictated upon you. This is a big red flag.


Crypto Trades is providing illegal investment advice, don’t deposit money with them, because you would extremely probably lose it!

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo with a regulated broker to see if it is really something you could succeed in.

Don’t trust people promising you free earnings, money is not free!

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