BEWARE of Crypto World Company – review of an illegal service

Crypto World Company official websiteIn this review we explain why you should stay away from Crypto World Company (CWC).

Crypto World Company provides a cryptocurrencies platform. There are robots that can trade with your money and allegedly make profits. The company allegedly has trading advisors that will tell you what to buy and sell.

The investment packages offer a 2.40% daily return on your investment.

Stay away from Crypto World Company

Investment packagesThe first red flag is the thing we just described. The Crypto World Presentation says that you can get 2.4% daily on your investment. This means 72% per month, which is a number impossible in any legit business.

But the most obvious problems are with the company.

Not regulated, illegal service

Not licensedCrypto World Company is based in the UK. The first problem is that the website provides a different address to the one that is registered with the Companies House.

The second problem is that the company is only one month old, so we struggle to believe that it has almost one hundred thousand of customers from all over the world.

Investment advice providerAnd last but not least, Crypto World Company is not registered with the FCA, so it is not authorized to provide investment services.

This means that Crypto World Company is acting illegally and breaking laws of the United Kingdom. It obviously is not regulated in any other country, therefore it cannot legally have clients in most countries.

How it really works

With 72% per month Crypto World Company is extremely probably a scam, a Ponzi scheme that just redistributes deposits among its members until the lack of new deposits makes this whole thing collapse.

It is combined with an MLM scheme, since there is a referral program.


Crypto World Company is an illegal investment scheme, very probably a Ponzi scam. Stay away from it!

Make no mistake, it is possible to make money in crypto trading, but not 72% every month. See for yourself on a free demo with a regulated broker what the possibilities are.

Please understand that in trading you can make, but also lose money, so act responsibly.

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15 thoughts on “BEWARE of Crypto World Company – review of an illegal service

  1. Cryptoworld has scammed lots of people in Africa. It’s came in and after a month ,they have stopped payment with the excuse that they are changing some AVI provider. Now their customer service chat is non existent.

      1. They said they will resume withdrawal on 25th September. But now they have shut down their website too Let keep our fingers crossed that they will come back even stronger.

  2. Hi

    They said they will resume withdrawal on 25th September. But now they have shut down website too🤔 big fraud in 218..plz send if any news related Cwc

  3. Really wondering to see such attitude from CWC.
    If they are improving payment system, its okay but must not close website

    This would be big fraud

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