BEWARE OF Cryptoin – review

Cryptoin official websiteIn this short review we present our opinion about Cryptoin.

The Cryptoin website features a video that explains what are cryptocurrencies and how they are rising in value. It says nothing about Cryptoin, you are not told what this service is about.

The website says that you can take advantage of the trading opportunities on cryptocurrencies and that you will get access to the world’s leading virtual coins trading platform.

What is Cryptoin really about

We wanted to see what is Cryptoin really about, so we signed up. But after filling out the form we were immediately redirected to a deposit page of the broker Olsson Capital. Nothing else.

Olsson Capital is a broker that is not regulated, it is based in Bulgaria where a lot of scam brokers operate from. And it certainly does not provide a leading trading platform.

So, the obvious aim of Cryptoin is to make you deposit with Olsson Capital, so that people who run this program get paid affiliate commission from the broker.


Our test shows that Cryptoin will give you nothing that you could benefit from in crypto trading, it just wants to make you deposit with a broker that is not regulated.

If you are interested in crypto trading, you should start on a demo account with a regulated broker.

And don’t look for free robots that would make you money, because they don’t exist.

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5 thoughts on “BEWARE OF Cryptoin – review

  1. Absolutely disgraceful company to deal with… I invested £2500 in gold on the advice of one of their Advisers. Gold apparently was rock bottom and my investment would be worth an 25-50% short term profit gain.. Over the course of the day it was obvious my investment would only yield about 25% profit which I was happy with.. Took a call from the adviser who said he was going too watch it for 15 mins then end the contract if there was no improvement on the 25%.
    I said I was happy with that so left him to it.. To my horror after finishing work and logging onto my account he had not bothered ending the contract and my investment was losing money.. I called him to find out why he hadn’t cashed out
    to which he said he needed another £2500 to invest in more gold. I refused and now my investment has all but disappeared. I am still waiting for a call back from their Management team… 2 days & counting now but I don’t think I’ll get a call or get my money back !!! Don’t deal with this company people… I am at a loss as to what to do any advice would be welcome.

  2. I signed up, but did not deposit any money as I wanted to check it out first. Glad about that, but now they ‘phone me every few minutes, and leave empty messages.. I block their calls, but they seem to have limitless numbers to call from.

  3. I was encouraged by Olsson Capital advertising online to trade with Crypton coins and paid 250 Euros only to discover it is one big scam. After I repeatedly tried to get my money back, but they wouldn’t. Because of some terms and conditions thing where they give you a bonus and once you sign for it, you are trapped. So the whole thing is one big scam. Sorry and never again!.

    1. Hi Ali,

      I’m sorry you’ve suffered at the hands of these thieves. My partner has been scammed out her her life savings by these crooks. They get you to sign stuff but say things like ‘you can take your cash out at anytime’. Have you tried any avenues to recover your monies?

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