BEWARE of CryptoNerdz and the 30K Crypto Challenge – review

Crypto NerdzIn this review we explain why it would not be wise to buy the 30K Crypto Challenge membership from Chris Meres and CryptNerdz.

Meres says that CryptoNerdz prepared a special challenge designed for normal people to make money in crypto trading.

You are supposed to make $30,000 dollars with a small investment thanks to an automated software that will tell you what to trade.

The membership in the 30 Crypto Challenge costs $47.

Stay away

OK, so somebody wants you to pay $47 to see if their trading software is a piece of crap or not. Does it sound legit? Not to us.

Meres tries to convince you that the Crypto Nerdz software is a miraculous app that will make great trading decisions, yet he wants you to pay for testing it. You make you own opinion.

Illegal investment advice

Illegal investment adviceFrom what Meres says it is clear that within the 30K Crypto Challenge you will be getting trading signals that will ensure that everybody takes the same trades.

Providing trading signals is equal to providing investment advice, which is a regulated activity that CryptoNerdz need a licence for.

But the service is completely anonymous, there are no terms and conditions, no contact information, no information about any company. So, it’s clear that CryptoNerdz have no authorization to provide investment advice, which makes of the 30K Crypto Challenge an illegal product.

Remember that if the software does not work, you will be losing your own money!


We recommend not to enter the 30K Crypto Challenge, because it looks very dubious and it is an illegal service. No software will make you lots of money from a small capital of a few hundred bucks.

It is possible to make money in crypto trading, see on a free demo how it works and what the possibilities are.

Don’t forget that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money.

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