BEWARE of Cryptotradia – review

Cryptotradia official webThis review explains why we recommend to stay away from Cryptotradia.

Cryptotradia is a platform focused on cryptocurrencies. It provides trading signals, initial coin offerings advice and an investment program.

The investment program has allegedly a return on investment of 726% since the beginning of the year, meanwhile the ROI from the signals is 2601% and and the ROI from ICOs 584%.

The membership costs $39.97, but now you can get it for $1 per month. Is it worth it?

Stay away from Cryptotradia

There are several problems with Cryptotradia, let’s go through some of them.

Illegal services

Contact informationThis is a classic one. If you are providing trading signals and/or investment services like the Cryptotradia investment portfolio, you need to be regulated, you need a licence in every country you intend to provide your services to.

But Cryptotradia is totally anonymous, you cannot even know who is behind this project, let alone any information about regulation.

Cryptotradia obviously is not regulated, therefore it is an illegal service in most countries.


Expert's error?Cryptotradia claims to have several experts in the crypto field who are behind all the investment decisions and signals. But who are they? Why are they anonymous? Where are proofs about their achievements?

We seriously doubt there are any experts. You just need to look at their video, they are not even able to calculate profits properly, check our picture, they completely miscalculated what you would have earned last year with Ethereum.

Track record?

An investment service should provide a third party verified history of trading signals and investment decisions, so that you can check that their performance is really what is said.

But again, Cryptotradia is totally anonymous and they don’t let you verify any of their claims. Yet they want your money. Would you send your money to an illegal and anonymous investment service?


Cryptotradia is an unregulated an illegal investment service. We recommend staying away from it.

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, you can try it on a free demo account with a regulated broker and see how it works.

There is nothing mysterious about it, you just need to learn what it is about, understand all the risks and make informed decisions with money you can afford to lose. This is how any investing works.

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6 thoughts on “BEWARE of Cryptotradia – review

    1. I will use my usual reply: We strongly encourage everybody with doubts to contact their national financial regulator and ask them about Cryptotradia. This way you will get the confirmation of what we say. You don’t have to trust us, in fact it doesn’t change anything for us if you do or don’t, but trust your national financial regulator.

  1. First of all, our investment portfolio isn’t even functional yet since we have to consult with a lawyer before doing so.
    The signals we provide is completely legitimate and is allowed since we do not actually advise people, we point them in the right direction and we always state there are risks involved.

    I know you write these fake articles just so you can push other sites and make a commission there.
    This affiliate system makes this website look VERY untrustworthy since it’s all about who pays the most in the backend.
    Do some proper research and maybe we can even set up a call so I can explain you how this really works.

    Besides we are featured in the G7 Global Summit publication for a reason lol, they don’t accept scam companies 🙂

    Have a nice day sir.

    1. Your investment portfolio is not functional, but you show massive ROI right on the front page.
      You are offering investment services, which is a regulated activity in almost every country, and you claim to be based in the US, but have no licence, so expect the SEC to be on your tail soon.

      I strongly encourage anybody who is considering Cryptotradia to contact either their national financial regulator or the SEC in the US to confirm what we say in our review.

  2. Hi John,

    Maybe if you posted legit articles you’d have better than a 2 star rating.

    How about you show some proof to back up your claims?

    Oh why can’t you? because this post is BS obvi.

    Fake news.

    1. Just one thing, the rating is our rating of the reviewed item.

      For all the others, if you doubt our findings, we strongly encourage you to contact the national financial regulator in your country and ask them about Cryptotradia. You will see that they will confirm what we say and might even start to investigate Cryptotradia for illegal activities.

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