BEWARE OF CTiEX, it’s a copy of Daweda

In this CTiEX review we explain why you should not trade binary options on this exchange.

About CTiEX

AddressContracts Trading International Exchange (CTiEX) is a binary options exchange, which means that there is no broker between traders.

CTiEX just provides the trading platform and trades are matched between users.

CTiEX takes a fee on every trade from both parties, the seller and the buyer.

Daweda copy

Ctiex brokerThe concept of a binary options exchange is not new. One of the first regulated exchanges in Europe was Daweda and as you can see on the image, CTiEX is an exact copy of Daweda. But not regulated. This is a major reason why not to trade with CTiEX.

As we showed in our Daweda review, Daweda is using lies and misleading information to persuade people to trade with it. Moreover we hear complaints about the Automatic Trading System (ATS). Daweda employees promise profits, but people who traded with the ATS lost money.

ComparisonAnd CTiEX is a copy, therefore you can expect losses with their ATS too. The fact that the ATS loses money is not the only problem, they won’t let you try the robot until you deposit at least $350, which is really insane. You have to risk your own money with a software that you could not test.

Check the second image to see that CTiEX is using the same lies, for example they manipulated the comparison table with other brokers to make the exchange look better. But the reality is different.

Returns with other brokers are higher than shown by CTiEX and there are no fees, unlike with CTiEX.


We did not recommend Daweda because of their lies, so we certainly cannot recommend CTiEX. It uses the same lies, the same losing ATS and it is not regulated, so your money would not be insured.

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