BEWARE of Digi-C – review

DigiC official webIn this review we explain why you should exercise extreme caution when dealing with Digi C.

Digi C claims to be a market leading investment system focused on cryptocurrencies. Thanks to an algorithm-based trading platform it allegedly can earn you money.

The investment plan promises up to 10% per year. Is this a genuine investment opportunity?


The investment planWe usually review clear investment scams that promise tens of percent per month. In such cases not much research is needed, because we know that the numbers are totally unreal.

Digi-C is different. 10 % per year doesn’t seem exaggerated, although they guarantee the dividends, which is suspicious. But another thing is even more important.

Not regulated and illegal

Licence is missingIt is absolutely clear that DigiC is providing investment services. So, they are doing something that they need a licence for. This is probably why they claim they are licensed and regulated.

The problem is that we have not found Digi C in the Financial Conduct Authority, which means they are not regulated, they are simply lying about this.

Check our picture to see that they have a company registration with the Companies House, but they have no registration with the FCA.

This is why we believe it’s better to stay away from Digi C. Or at least verify with your national financial regulator the status of Digi C before you make a decision.


Digi C claims to be regulated, but according to our findings it is not. This is why recommend staying away.

Achieving 10 % per year or even more in crypto trading is perfectly possible. But it requires learning and a good trading strategy. You can practice it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Remember that trading is risky, you can make, but also lose money, so act accordingly.

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