Beware of Dr. Binary – true review

First thing you'll have to do is to deposit money...
First thing you’ll have to do is to deposit money…

Today we are going to have a look at “Dr. Binary”. It is presented as a binary options trading school.

In a short video presentation you can see a guy claiming that after failing with scams he finally learned how to trade binary options thanks to Dr. Binary. He says that he could quit his job because he is making more in a week than previously in a month.

So they want you to join Dr. Binary and trade binary options with them to make a lot of money. Everything is free, of course.

Why you should avoid Dr. Binary

Dr. Binary has a lot of common characteristics with typical binary options scam. Here are the reasons why we think that Dr. Binary is just another scam.

  • Dr. Binary supposedly costs $1890 but is free for a limited time only. Typical lie, it is never going to cost anything. As we always say, when somebody offers you money for free, be alert.
  • Fake badges. Look at the bottom of the page, you can see several badges with awards that are fake. They lead nowhere, you cannot verify them. The most obvious lie is about a “100 % secure site”, because Dr. Binary web site is not secure via SSL, check it in your browser.
  • First deposit, then you’ll see. This is the golden rule of all scams, they force you to first open a binary options trading account and deposit money, at least $250 in this case, before they let you access their “free” system. So then you’ll trade their crappy system on your deposit and lose it. This is how it works.
  • Binary has an affiliate program. Where comes the money they pay to affiliates from? It is simple, they are affiliated with brokers and they will get paid for every new trader they refer. This is the only purpose of Dr. Binary, earn money by bringing new people to brokers. They don’t care about you or other people, they just need you to deposit.


Stay away from Dr. Binary, they are after your money. Don’t seek systems that will make you money for free, they do not exist. Learning, testing and trading your own strategy is what leads to profits.

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