BEWARE of Eaconomy – review

In this Eaconomy review we explain why you should stay away from this program.

eaconomy reviewEaconomy is an online trading program that offers online courses: CEED and Forex Alerts. CEED is about personal development, while Forex Alerts are supposed to make you money in currency trading.

The complete package costs a one time $247 and then $169 per month. The question is, can this program really make you money in trading?

Beware, Eaconomy is not about trading

eaconomy testimonialsA closer look at Eaconomy reveals that the program is not really about Forex trading nor self-development. Because when you look at the rewards plan, you will quickly see that this a Multi-Level Marketing scheme (MLM).

This means that Forex Alerts and CEED are just some products that are here just to make Eaconomy somehow legal.

The structure is clearly built this way: you have to refer other paying members to the system in order to make money. This is all it is about. Paying monthly fees and getting commissions from people you referred to the system.

We did not pay for the product, so we cannot really judge the quality of Forex Alerts and CEED, but let us put this way: We have never seen a quality Forex trading product being sold in a MLM.

You see, if you are able to make money in Forex trading, you make money in Forex trading and you don’t build MLM structures to get other people into your product. If you really want to share your knowledge about trading, you do it directly and again, you don’t build an MLM structure for that.

MLM structures are almost exlusively built when the product is not good enough to be sold or distributed in a normal way.

Eaconomy review conclusion

Eaconomy is an MLM, it is not about financial trading. You will have to refer paying people to the system in order to make money. We recommend staying away from it.

If you want to try financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

If you decide to trade with real money, don’t forget that you can make profits, but also have losses, so be careful.

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