BEWARE OF Faunus Education – review

Faunus Education websiteIn this review of Faunus Education we explain why you should be very careful when considering this service.

Faunus Education is an online service that is supposed to teach you to trade profitably not only binary options, but also other tools like Forex or CFDs.

This educational service can allegedly make you profitable within five days. The average daily income of people who finished the course allegedly is $347.

So can this all be real? We seriously doubt it.

Value close to zero

VIP servicesWe signed up for the free membership and what we found is a series of videos that explains just the basic terms of trading.

We did not find any real educational value that you could benefit from to become really profitable. Video are very short, about 40 seconds only.

And the free e-books are basically transcripts of what is said in the videos.

There is also a VIP membership, that should give you more information, but we strongly doubt that the value will be any greater. It looks like that you will just be pushed to open an account and trade with a certain broker.


So called professionalsWhy we doubt the VIP membership so much? Firstly because of the free membership that brings nothing. Secondly because it looks like the so called professionals that are supposed to teach you are fictitious.

We researched Clarisse Gilson, that allegedly worked for 10 years at Société Générale (Générale de Banque), but we could not find anything. The same applies to Omar Acevedo. It is extremely unlikely that such professionals would not be traceable on the Internet.

Therefore we believe there are no professional traders behind Faunus Education.

Khomich Andrei and Data Mining

Later a new funnel for Faunus Education appeared. An alleged Ph.D. Khomich Andrei explains in a short video some approaches to data analysis.

We tried to find more information about Andrei Khomich, but it was impossible for us to verify his identity.

But because we are traders, we could judge information he is giving in his video. What he is explaining might sound complicated, but it is pretty simple, some basic indicators like moving averages graphically represent what he is talking about. It really doesn’t seem that has anything special to offer.

Fake warranty

GuaranteeOn the Faunus Education main page you will find some badges. The first one says “Lifetime warranty”. But when you read Terms of Use, you will see that there is no warranty whatsoever.

And what about the “Certified Quality” badge? Certified by whom? It’s just another fake.

Illegal service

Faunus Education is totally anonymous, although it is providing investment advice. When you teach somebody to trade, it is considered as investment advice in most countries. And investment advice is a regulated activity, you have to have a licence in order to do it legally.

But Faunus Education obviously has no licence whatsoever, therefore it is an illegal service in most countries with a financial regulation.


We don’t recommend using Faunus Education, because it is an anonymous service that is using some dirty tricks that are typical for scams.

There is a lot of free and open websites that contain a lot of useful information for traders, like, so we would recommend these. We don’t think anybody can teach you to trade profitably within a few days. You have to spend a lot more time on a demo account.

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