BEWARE OF Fintech Mining – review

Fintech Mining official websiteIn this review we show why you should not invest any money with Fintech Mining.

Fintech Mining claims to be a cryptocurrency mining company. The presentation says that with cryptocurrencies you can make money “incredibly fast”.

Fintech Mining allegedly can make you thousands of dollars per week hassle free. All you have to do is to buy mining packages from the company, you can start with a few hundreds of dollars.

Is Fintech Mining really profitable?

Stay away

Mining plansThere is a lot of cryptocurrency mining scams out there, promising you tens of percent per month. Fintech Mining is a little bitt different, but we still consider it to be a scam.

Why? Because the video presentation says that you can make money easily, but when you dive deep into it, you will see that their mining plans are losing money big time.

We made some calculations for some mining packages and here is what you get (see also our picture).

  • When you by a one year Beginner Bitcoin package for $475, your return will be about $125. This means that in one year you will get back only 26% of your investment and you will lose 74%.
  • When you by a one year Large Bitcoin package for $2100, your return will be about $880. This means that in one year you will get back only 42% of your investment and you will lose 58%.
  • When you by a one year Medium Dash package for $4396, your return will be about $133. This means that in one year you will get back only 3% of your investment and you will lose 97%.
  • When you by a one year Small Litecoin package for $1085, your return will be about $293. This means that in one year you will get back only 27% of your investment and you will lose 73%.

None of the mining packages we examined was profitable, all were losing more than a half of your investment. One package was losing as much as 97% of your investment in one year!

So, buying crypto mining packages from FinTech Mining is really like throwing money out of the window. The numbers say it all.


FinTech Mining is promising easy money, however their mining packages are losing money. Stay away from it!

Mining cryptocurrency is hardly profitable nowadays for ordinary people. If you want to try to make money with cryptocurrencies, try trading, you can start on a free demo account.

But remember that trading is risky, you can not only make, but also lose money.

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22 thoughts on “BEWARE OF Fintech Mining – review

  1. I tried several could mining contracts in early ’18 incl Hashflare, Crypterra and few others. None of these show profitability these days due mainly to lowered crypto price. By definition mining contracts will become less profitable over time due to difficulty increase. Do not feel comfortable with long term contracts because many of these companies exit scam. Their business model is to exploit Greed.

    In comparison, Trading activity is skill based and gives you more control.

  2. This is so stupid!!!

    Where did you get your “calculations” from ????
    No one ever invests in an asset without taking into consideration in the fact that the asset will go up in value.
    Mining isn’t a money printing machine, it’s a long term investment. Everyone knows bitcoin will go up in value.

    Unlike the fake binary options scheme that iq option does which they are clearly advertising for fintech mining actually produces real bitcoins for their clients which their client can decide when to sell them.

    I bought a 3 year package and I’m looking at the fact that bitcoin will go up in value otherwise i would never have invested into such an asset and I am happy with the return of investment that i am getting and you know what, these coins are real, i tested it out by actually withdrawing my coins into a bitcoin wallet.

    so me as a client claim this review as fake

    1. You are wrong. Mining is not investing. Mining is about getting bitcoins and selling them for revenue, investing is about buying bitcoins with the hope the price will go up. Plus, the Fintech Mining presentation is about weekly earnings in dollars, see our screenshot. So, stop your BS.

      And about your “Everyone knows bitcoin will go up in value” – nobody knows what bitcoin or any other crypto will do. Anybody claiming they know for sure what will happen, is liar and scammer. Trading and investing is about probabilites, never about certainty.

    Why is everything on this website trying to refer me to iq option?
    This is definitely fake news.

    Look out how they try to steer you into signing up to another website.

    1. We said it many times, our website was created to make a distinction between good and bad binary options brokers (hint: look at the domain name). Also, after reading our scam reviews, people were asking us how and where they could make money in online trading. So, we started to include a paragraph in our reviews where we explain that if you want to make money in trading, you have to learn to trade and build a profitable strategy, and that trading is risky etc. This saves us a lot of e-mails and comments to answer.

      Now about the brokers. For a long time we had several reliable brokers in our list, but a lot of brokers just quit binary options, while we removed some others because their services deteriorated and people started to complaint about them.

      For about a year there has been just one regulated binary options broker with an unlimited free demo and good reputation, and that is IQ Option. If you know about any other let us know. We don’t. We are open to add other brokers that are proven to be fair and reliable. We base our assessments on communication with real clients of the brokers, not on some anonymous posts in forums that we cannot verify.

      And finally, we always say that people should start on the free demo, which costs nothing and is risk free. So, our conscience is crystal clear in this.

      1. please do not invest in as I was scammed into paying out withdrawal fees of 10%. Once you have paid, the trader continue trading and asked for another top up where I told them based on my previous withdrawal request. They insist that I top the difference or I can’t withdrawal. I watsapp their customer as they have a mobile number that members could reach. There is man introducing himself as Smith and I told if I pay the difference can I really withdraw and I mentioned clearly that it like a scam. He gave me the assurance and for past 1 month they have release the payment. They even upgraded their website to inform unsuspecting new members that they can do copy trade. I have all the watsapp and communication in the watsapp that I have screenshot and just don’t want anybody to fall for their trap. I do not know how to let the world know that they are scammers. Please advice.

        1. Hi, if you made your deposits with a credit card, you can reverse the payments with your bank, just ask your bank for a chargeback.

  4. Hi,

    I invested in this company but not a beginner package because the hash rate is not worth it.
    I did a large for five years because I would never invest in anything unless i believe the asset will go up in value.
    I believe bitcoin will go up more than 100k.

    The dollar value of what I am mining right now has no relevance to what it will be worth when i sell in five years.
    I am happy with my bitcoin mining revenue in relevance to my hash rate.

  5. I really dont know what to do, Has anyone ever made any profit from fintech mining?
    I’m thinking of purchasing a beginner contract, please advise.

  6. I have proof I just register a few days back this company online but didn’t invest as when I calculate though hash rate power I found its a small return even in the large account accordingly invested money,

    well one guy call me yesterday and he failed to convience me for investment, first he investigated how much i hjave knowlege over, 2nd he ask me did you have business and you have visa master in your poket at the moment then i said yes i do he said let me send you a quotation to invest in mediume pakage to start to earn 20 to 40% profit , i told him i am not intrested just send me details how your company work he said i am sending you detail mail, after that he start insist you must use the service and he was forced not loisening me because, I told him i am businesman and finanacer well in the end hardly he said i am sending you a mail just fallow it and this link is for only 14 min validity please hangon and keep talking to me for guidance, i thought may be it is some kind demo etc. but when i saw it is btc address and amount he was asking me to transfer no quotation no details nothing, I drop the call immidiate then he calls every 5 mints 3 times whole night for upto 10 hours i didnt answered well thanks now he droped me from his target

  7. Well I do hear what youre saying but theres only one problem. The market has been a bear market and the price of bitcoin has been dropping drastically over that time. So while youre equating payment to USD most miners look at Bitcoin as the unit of payment. So if you enter a 5 year contract, and BTC goes to 20k again, youll have a hell of a lot more USD than it was in a bear market.

  8. Thank you for the info John. I did the math myself and went ahead with a contract with them and yes you do lose money. I had a longer term goal in mind, but if you do go the route of bitcoin and dash you will lose most of your initial investment. This is not an easy way to become income independent at the moment. Investing in crypto you can definitely make a good return with. There really isn’t any cloud mining companies out there that have really good contracts right now. Mining on your own also requires a lot of expense invested into it as well. In order to get what’s needed to get that perfect passive income you will have to have either a lot of money already or be able to take out a sizable loan.

    1. We provide proofs in our review, so we let people decide. For us it doesn’t change anything whether they decide to use or not to use Fintech Mining.

    2. Curious, John Payne, did you buy one of their mining packages? Since you determined this review was fake and all.

          1. Why are you so determined that cloud mining is bad. There’s articles from both sides of the story, i’m telling you as fact from a client that has purchased a contract that this really does work.

          2. I am not saying it is bad, I am just saying that nowadays it is not profitable because of the low current crypto prices and high costs (electricity, hardware). That’s just the way it is, it’s pure mathematics and economics, nobody can change anything about it. In one year you will be lucky to break even, so anybody claiming they make several percent per month is lying.

    3. NO DUM a$$ is facts I just review the packages and the only one worth investing is ### i WON’T tell you but the post is 100% accurate… pay attention to the advise his helping you even if his promoting another platform….

  9. Wow, thanks…..I just bought a small beginner package….about a $125 investment. I felt really dubious about this offer. Thank you for your honesty.


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