BEWARE of Four Figure Forex – here is why

Four Figure Forex websiteFind out in this Four Figure Forex review why you should not buy this trading system from William Tan.

Tan says that his For Figure Forex system can make you a profitable trader and earn consistent 4-figures in Forex. His system allegedly will use tight stop losses so that you don’t risk much and then let the big winners run.

Sounds pretty much like a dream trading system, doesn’t it? And Tan is selling it just for $47.

Stay away from Four Figure Forex

Alleged features of the systemThe sad truth is that you should always be very skeptical towards free or cheap trading systems that promise you big profits.

You will certainly agree that it doesn’t make any sense to sell a system that allegedly can generate 4-figure profits for just $47. Why would anyone sell such a system instead of using it and making money with it?!

Forex trading is not easy. People who have profitable trading systems use them to get rich, they don’t reveal or sell their secrets for a few bucks.

In Forex you cannot buy a bright financial future for $47, that’s not how trading works.

No refunds

Warning - no refundsThe big red flag that you should not miss with Four Figure Forex is the fact that the seller refuses to give any refunds.

If he is so sure that you will make tons of money with his system, why he refuses to have a guarantee?


To us it is a clear indication that his system is not profitable, because if it was, he would offer some kind of protection to the buyer.

Lately we’ve seen dozens of trading system of this kind, their web pages are very similar, and they offer no refunds. Should there be that much profitable and cheap Forex trading system, there would be no need to go to work, we all would be rich.


We are pretty sure that Four Figure Forex is not a profitable trading system, and since refunds are not possible, we recommend not buying it.

The best way to make profits in trading is to test and learn until you understand everything and have a profitable strategy. You can start on a free demo account and build up.

If you later decide to trade with real money, be careful and responsible.

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