BEWARE of FX Coin Bot, it’s a scam!

Read this FXCoinBot review to clearly understand why you have to stay away from this trading robot.

FXCoinBot reviewThe FXCoinBot’s website says that this trading robot will trade financial markets for you with a very high success rate. They go as far as saying that this robot is the best performer in 2019, which is a very bald statement.

So, it is suggested that FXC0INBOT is a very profitable software, so how much does it cost? Well, nothing! Isn’t that strange?

FX Coin Bot is a scam

Of course that the idea of the best trading robot in the world being free is very strange. Wall Street would pay billions for a trading robot that can outperform their solutions. Yet you are supposed to believe that such a miracle that can make you a millionaire (since it is the best performing robot) is free.

Such a proposition makes no sense, money is the opposite of free. If you have the best performing trading robot, you run it and make money with it, you don’t distribute it for free.

There is a very simple explanation to this, FXCoinBot is a scam. That is why the claims you can find on its website make no sense.

No performance

FXcoinbot scamFXCoinBot cannot be the best performing robot of 2019 because it is only one month old. It is a very new product that has no history, no track record. You will find a proof on our picture on the right.

This is also why all endorsements and positive FXCoinBot reviews are fake. It is impossible to endorse a trading robot that has no proven results.

The absolute minimum for judging the performance of a robot is one year, the longer the period the better and more significant from statistics point of view.

Not to mention that trading robots that execute trades on behalf of people need to be licensed by financial regulators, but FXCoinBot is not regulated at all.

The false claims of FX-C0INBOT we discussed above are something a regulator would not tolerate at all.

The truth

FXcoinbot testimonialsIf you think you have nothing to lose in trying FX Coin Bot since it is free, you unfortunately are wrong. Because the robot is not free, you will find this out as soon as you sign up for it.

They will tell you that you have to deposit at least $250 with a broker of their choice. If you do it and let the robot trade with your money, you will lose it. And scammers who run the FX Coin Bot will get a commission from the broker for referring a new depositor. This is how this scam works.

FX Coin Bot review conclusion

FXCoinBot is a simple scam, it is not free, it will require you to stake your own money and it will quickly lose it. Stay away from it!

As we always say, in trading you should always start on a demo account with a regulated broker to verify any trading idea or system to see with virtual money if it works.

Even if you have a working system on the demo, proceed with caution when switching to real money trading.

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