BEWARE OF Home Job Career, Broker4U and Pick a Broker

Home Job Career webIn this review we explain why Home Job Career, Broker4U and Pick a Broker won’t help you to make money.

Home Job Career, Broker4U and PickaBroker and are similar websites. The first two will run you through a questionnaire that is supposed to find the best earning opportunity for you.

Home Job Career goes as far as claiming that it is comparing different home job opportunities, but all websites will end by sending you to a binary options broker that is not regulated.

Broker is not regulatedNo matter what you answer in the questionnaire, the recommendation will always be to trade binary options. And they won’t say how, they will just send you to a deposit page of an unlicensed broker such as GCG24, see our picture.

So, Home Job Career, Broker4U and PickaBroker4U are obviously not about any good advice on how to earn money from home, these websites are just funnels that are designed to make you deposit money with a certain broker.

Why? Because people who run these websites are getting paid by these unregulated brokers to send them new depositors. That’s all.

As we always say, it is a very bad idea to start binary options trading with real money, because if you do it, you will very probably quickly lose. Especially if you rely on third party signals, advice or trading robot.

Trading should always be started on a demo account with a regulated broker, so that you know that it is a proper simulation of real trading with virtual money. Use the demo to learn and design a profitable strategy.

You can start trading with real money only when you are persuaded that your strategy is profitable, it has to be based on testing results.

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