BEWARE OF Icoin Market, it probably is a scam

iCoinIn this review we explain why we don’t recommend trading with iCoin Market.

Icon market is a cryptocurrency trading and investment platform. This platform offers automated trading that is allegedly capable of making you up to 300 percent per day. It is thanks to a team of professionals who generate trading signals.

It seems that Icoin Market is free, so are there any dangers? We think so.

Is Icoin Market a scam?

Icoin MarketThe first thing that caught our attention is the bold statements and claims made by Icoin Market. They say that trading with them is safe and provides high income.

Let us put this straight: No financial trading in the world is safe! There always are risks associated with trading.

It absolutely does not matter what assets you are trading, be it stocks, commodities, currencies or crypto currencies, there is always the risk that you will lose money. It is very easy, if you buy the asset and its price goes down, you lose. And vice versa.

And crypto currencies really are not different, their prices go down and up, so it certainly is not a safe investment. You have to have a profitable strategy, it’s not like that you can buy any currency and make money.

Only scams claim that investing with them is safe, therefore we have to be very suspicious about Icoin Market.

But what makes us really believe that it is a scam, is the claim that it can make you up to 300 % in one day. This number is absolutely impossible in the long term.

Illegal service?

The thing is that Icoin Market provides and investment service. For that you have to have a license, but Icoin Market apparently has none.

Therefore Icoin Market is an illegal investment service in all countries with a financial regulation. Including Hong Kong, where it is allegedly based. Simple as that.

The company is not under control, it allegedly is based in Hong Kong, but who knows? Do you want to send your money to a company that is not regulated? Think twice.


Icoin Market makes absolutely irrealistic promises and it is not regulated, so we recommend staying away.

If you want to see how you can make money in trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker. With binary options you can trade bitcoins, this will give you an idea about what is needed in terms of strategy to make money with crypto currencies.

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