BEWARE of IQ Mining – review

Website of IQ MiningThis review of IQ Mining explains why this cryptocurrency project looks very suspect.

IQ Mining is a cryptocurrency mining project that is allegedly able to make you money. You have to buy some hash power and then you can start getting profits. At least that’s the theory.

Profits promised by IQ Mining are huge, according to their calculator it can be 16% per day. So is it real? We don’t think so.

IQ Mining problems

There is a lot of problem surrounding IQ Mining that make us believe that it would not be wise to invest money with this program. Here they are.

Anonymous and unclear company

Mining or what?First of all it is hard to even understand what IQ Mining is supposed to be about.

At one place they say that their main product is a software that enables profitable cryptocurrency mining, at another place they say they will just rent hardware power.

Talking about a special software does not make sense, since cryptocurrency mining is dependent only on hardware power, the algorithms are given, you cannot make mining better or more profitable by using a custom software, it is not possible.

There is no contact informationAnd it is impossible to find who stands behind IQ Mining.

There is one single name on the website, but no address, no proof of existence, nothing.

You have no way of knowing if there is a real company behind with real hardware of software.

Impossible returns

Impossible profitsThe title of the IQ Mining home page says you can make up to 50% per month. The calculator says you can even make 16% per day. These number are so high that they are impossible in real cryptocurrency mining.

Only Ponzi scams offer this kind of returns. Ponzi schemes pay returns out of new deposits until they collapse because of the lack of new deposits.

Cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible

So, IQ Mining is an anonymous company that offers returns that are impossible. And how do they want you deposit money? In cryptos! So, they could just take your money and run away, because cryptocurrency transactions are more or less anonymous and irreversible.

So, you have no bank or credit card company that could help you get your money back if IQ Mining is a scam.

Is IQ Mining worth all the risks? We don’t think so.


IQ Mining is an anonymous company that offers suspicious returns and provides confusing information. We recommend staying away.

If you are interested in cryptocurrencies, you can try trading with them a free demo account with a regulated broker.

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26 thoughts on “BEWARE of IQ Mining – review

  1. I have read peoples comment and what i see is greed! You expect more than you should, cloud mining is not a fast money generating business like trading. IQ Mining contract duration is lifetime and your expected profit depends on the plan you buy. One thing you must understand is they are competing with other companies out there and they will do everything possible to earn more users and gain more trust so that does not make them scam. At first they offered high profit of 16% daily, that was a strategy! And today they are still in competition as long as there other companies and so many are springing up also, They have to change their contract duration from 5 years to Lifetime, thats another strategy. IQ Mining is 100% legit from my own experience with them. Even Forex trading is risk, marriage is a risk, life is a risk because every morning u wake up and go on the road not know if death will come swiftly, not taking risk itself it a risk because u could miss opportunities. I dont base on peoples review, I follow my heart. Invest with IQ Mining or leave it, its a choice.

  2. I feel for you guys.
    Not many, maybe 2 reputable cloud companies out there and even 1 of those is going back on their promises.
    Forget mining guys, too expensive now with little or no profit, even after 9 months of mining you would be lucky to break even.
    Just buy crypto, there is no immediate rush, just buy what you can, when you can.
    Good luck out there.
    BITCOIN: The harmonic gift from the Digital Gods.

  3. TOTALLY A SCAM, They will never verify your account and you cant withdraw anything. And I guess they may try to steal your personal information.

    They request the copy of the document with a signature which nowadays the passport /ID thing go digital you won’t find this. And give them a reason to never verify you

  4. *************** WARNING ************
    i register 100gh/s but they do not get any profit and now after 2 month my account is negative and they lie only you wait !!!!!!
    they are only scammer . is only scammer.
    *********** WARNING . RUN AWAY

  5. Stay away from IQ Mining. Like many of the other comments, I invested $100 to test it out. It’s now been over a week and the ‘power’ cost has exceeded the amount of BTC mined. I’m not expecting to see this money again, but you can save yours by not investing.

    There is nowhere on the website where they tell you what the current daily ‘breakeven’ point is. If they mentioned that I’d have to spend over a thousand dollars to see anything, I wouldn’t have proceeded.

  6. this site is scam
    i buy 1000gh/s but they do not earn any profit is scam be aware

  7. I purchased 1100 GH/s of SHA-256 25 days back. Till now it has mined only 0.00001

    Support doesn’t answer and they charge the Maintenance Fee as per their wish.

    They do not even mine and dont answer to your queries if you ask why the payment is not reflecting in your account.

    Biggest SCAM !!!

    1. This Guys have the same Modus Operand as another SCAM company…

      Get Away from this Illegal Scams,
      They are stilling your money, or Will when they got a lot of it..!

      I am also loosing at the time, more than 1000$ dollars.
      The support also dropped, even thought that I complained by Email, and tried to Nullify the agreement because The Contracts are Illegal…they are not profitable from the beginning..

      I complain for the Legal Authorities, so that they can block this domain , and try to arrest this criminals.

      I suspect they are the same guys as the criminals from :
      For the Modus Operand, and also from the way as support fails after you drop your money in..
      If someone calls you from that companies saying that they are “Mining Expert consulting guys”, turn off the phone in their faces..
      They are Impersonating actors, that will sell you dreams , will mess with your head, and then you will loose your money big..
      They are actors like the Infamous: Kyle Brauch

      Do you see this guys in this picture?

      Its the way their act…with false testimonials…
      THIS SAME ARTICLE ABOVE, WITH SAME GUY AND SAME CAR, was used by SCAM, were I lost 1000+ Dollars.

      Like Someone told above…its impossible to Realize that Dream…its SCAM!!!Run Away

      1. The Link doesn’t load,

        They are using, to hide their identity,
        But I found a Exact same page with same text as for, but this time for IQmining. ,
        It has same content for both companies, same guys, same car, but without the testimonials in link above…its FAKE!!

        Click in the Article Author( “By Marc Thomson” ), or in the link of “” … they are fake sites only trying to do some proof of Legality, they all point to same addressees of iqmining.

        Don’t fool yourself , which I had some advice first..

  8. I don’t see any advertised ROI now. I took a risk with $200 to see what it’s all about.

  9. They are a scam! Do not fall for it. I have lost money there and the website administrators never answer any email. They advertised one roi and it never made it.

  10. I originally invested a small amount in September 2017. Have been getting payouts very consistently. Usually pays out within hours of request. Not sure if it is a scam, but I have been taking weekly payouts (I reinvested a lot in the beginning) and have more than my all money back but because of the change in bitcoin price I have received approx 213% ROI if I converted to dollars and 86% of my bitcoin back. Returns are definitively lower than advertised, but otherwise so far so good!

  11. I was only on their site for 8 minutes and decided to read the terms/conditions. Guess what is at the very top in BOLD print – their ADDRESS. Maybe you didn’t read that Mr. Novak and, if not, that explains your 3/5 star rating.

    1. Fine, they added an address. Does it change anything? No. They also massively lowered their payouts from 16% daily to 33% monhtly. It proves they are scammers who don’t know anything about mining, because even 33% monhtly is IMPOSSIBLE in crypto mining.

  12. i have Deposit 100 $ , and i already made a test , i mine for a week then withdraw and they deposit the withdraw the next day ! i will continue this way and give more feedback but at the moment there no sign of scam !

      1. Yes i understand i only put 100 $ for testing and see if its really working
        At the moment im getting good ROI % (Return on investment)
        I will keep you posted in a near future
        that probaly a scam but hope its not ! 🙂

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