BEWARE OF JH. Slade – review

JH Slade websiteIn this review we express our concerns with the JH. Slade investment company.

JH. Slade or John H. Slade & Co. Inc. at is supposed to be an investment and wealth management company.

It will allow you to trade financial markets, manage your account and it even has retirement and fix income plans. The company allegedly is a member of the New York Stock Exchange and is a stock broker since 1940.

Huge red flags

Phone numberWe immediately saw there was something fishy about the website at, so we investigated a little further and identified several red flags.

The fact is that there was a certain John H. Slade who traded at the New York Stock Exchange, but he passed away in 2005. We found no real company of his name that would continue his business. Certainly no company of this name registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The domain was registered only in August 2018. The links to social profile on that website are blank. The link to some critical documents at the bottom of the page are not working.

And the phone number provided by JH. Slade leads to Medi Oasis Health Services.

All this makes us believe that JH. Slade is a scam, a boiler room that abuses a famous name.


JH. Slade obviously is not a genuine investment company, it looks like a simple scam to get your money.

In trading an investing be sure to work with regulated companies only.

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