BEWARE of London Capital Venture – review

London Capital Venture reviewIn this review we express our concerns with London Capital Venture and we give you reasons to stay away from this company.

London Capital Venture looks like a company with a really broad range of services. They do business management, accountancy, corporate finance, investing and financial planning.

It is clear that London Capital Venture is a company that provides financial services. As it names suggests, it is headquartered in the United Kingdom.

So, should you trust this company with your money?


ServicesLondon Capital Venture provides financial and investments services, so it is playing in a heavily regulated area. Every UK company providing this kind of services has to be regulated, this is the law.

It means that London Capital Venture needs a licence from the Financial Conduct Authority, but it doesn’t have it. The company is not regulated, therefore it is not authorized to provide the services it is providing.

London Capital Venture is acting illegally, because it is breaking the law of the United Kingdom. Deposits with this company are not insured and losses will not be compensated.

Not regulatedThis is the main problem we wanted to point out in this London Capital Venture review. The company is more or less anonymous and bypassing the law, so in our opinion it cannot be trusted.

We have seen countless unregulated companies disappearing with money of their clients, so in our eyes it is not even a matter of personal consideration, nobody should give their money to unregulated companies.


London Capital Venture is not regulated, it is not authorized to provide financial services, therefore you should stay away from it.

If you are interested in financial trading, use regulated brokers only.

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