BEWARE of My Success Work (MSW) – review

In this review we have a look at My Success Work. Is this investment program a genuine opportunity to make money?

What it is about

My Success Work official websiteHere comes the first problem with My Success Work, it’s difficult to say exactly what this program is about.

Even when you read their FAQs, you cannot be sure what it is exactly about, even though there is a hint about network marketing.

But MSW obviously is not just about network marketing, because they also have investment packages with returns up to 14% per week, which means about 50% per FAQmonth.

And they supposedly also do bitcoin mining…

Stay away from MSW

No investment licenseLet’s start with facts, My Success Work is offering investment services. You are supposed to deposit money and get a return on your deposit, which is investing. And investing is regulated activity.

So, is My Success Work regulated? No. As you can see on our image, the parent company My Success Machine Limited has no licence, it is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, although the company is based in the UK.

All this means that MSW is operating illegally, it is an unlicensed investment service. Moreover the company is not even one year old!


DashboardThere is a brief mention about Bitcoin mining, but we could not find any proofs about MSW really doing it. They suggest that their mining feature can make you up to 2.75%, but it is not clear what time period this relates to.

If it is meant to be a weekly return, it obviously is a lie, because you cannot make 2.75% per week in Bitcoin mining.

Other activities of My Success Work include a referral program, which means that you will get paid for referring new depositors.

MSW Coin

We also noticed there will be a My Success Work Coin. MSW Coin is supposed to be used for betting, but as it is issued by My Success Work, we are not sure about its legitimacy.

How it really works

50% per month is number that was unsustainable even for giant scams like Bitconnect. It certainly is not a number that any legitimate business could offer.

So, we believe that MSW is just another Ponzi scheme that is paying profits (if it is the case) with money from new deposits. This system can obviously work only for a limited period of time, then it will collapse because of the lack of new money coming into the system.


My Success Work is an illegal investment service which we believe is operating like a Ponzi scheme. Therefore, we recommend staying away from it.

We are often asked what returns are really possible in financial trading? Try a free demo with a regulated broker and see for yourself.

You certainly cannot expect the same percent every month and it takes time to build a profitable strategy. You also have to understand that in trading you can not only make, but also lose money.

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  1. i’m not agree with Athor ,
    MSW is a paying company
    100% TRUSTED …


    give 5 stars

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