BEWARE of NB International – review

NB International websiteIn this review we explain why you should stay away from NB International and its trading offer.

NB International offers five trading accounts that are supposed to get you up to 8% returns per month. Presumably thanks to algorithmic trading systems.

Is this offer genuine?

Stay away

We found several major problems with NB International.

Not regulated, illegal

OfficesNB International claims to have offices in Dublin, London and Cardiff. This automatically means that in order to operate legally, it needs a licence form the Financial Conduct Authority.

But there is no NB International company registered and licensed in the UK to provide investment services. Which means that NB International is operating illegally, as a broker and as an investment advisor.

So, if you deposit money with the company, it will not be insured and you will not be compensated in case there are problems.

Fake performance

Dubious performanceAnother problem with NB International is that on its website it is showing monthly performances from 2016. They allegedly third party verified.

We could not find who supposedly verified them, so we have to assume they are not verified. What is even more important, the NB International website was created only in October 2017, se showing results from 2016 is very dubious.


NB International is not regulated, it is an illegal broker, we recommend staying away from it!

If you are interested in genuine trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker.

Nobody will make you money for free, you have to build your own strategy.

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4 thoughts on “BEWARE of NB International – review

  1. lost a lot of money with these people, Oliver, peter, Benjamin and best of all Hershal.
    Very cruel people took great fun at my expense. May interesting things happen to them.

  2. Hi John is it possible for you to speak with you Like you I may have been scammed only the other day. I have tried to contact but of course no replies from the likes of Oliver, Benjamin and another guy called Christoper Black I am still not dying to believe this yet showing still the account but I just think it is a page up etc. I know an American company who can help but needs to speak to someone anyone who have gone through. Kind regards Yvonne

    1. Hi, just beware of recovery scams, the vast majority of recovery companies are scams. Consult your national financial regulator for advice.

  3. Who has tried to close an account with NB-I – beware of the as they will say that before an account can be closed you need to settle and repay the “Corporate Funding “ amount that NB-I have given you – do not do this!

    Alarm bells have been ringing louder and louder over the last 9 months: ie no formal proper documentation, staff turnover, phone system failures, IT systems down, excuses for cash dividends not being paid, retrospective changes to Terms & Conditions – etc etc.

    I have been sucked into this operation by people using the names mentioned earlier on this site – Oliver James Passmore, Peter Chapman, Benjamin Wellington, Joseph Goldberg, Heather Bradbury and now a new set of individuals including names claimed as Martin Clark and Justin Clark.

    They claim to be at an office in the News Building at London Bridge – as shown on the website – however I did visit the office having requested a meeting with Oliver Passmore and Joseph Goldberg a few months ago, however the meeting was cancelled on the morning of the requested meeting – I had travelled from EDINBURGH – the office turned out to be a Regus Business Centre but they had no record of a resident business under the name of NB-International.

    If it’s too good to be true it’s probably not true.

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