BEWARE of Paragon Crypto trading signals – review

Paragon Trading SignalsIn this review we explain concerns we have with Paragon Trading Signals.

Paragon is selling three different packages of trading signals for cryptocurrencies. They cost from $97 to $147 per month and you should expect up to a 80% monthly returns on you investment in trading.

Does it sound too good to be true?

Paragon Crypto Trading Signals problems

Trading signals packagesEvery time we see a trading signals provider, we see the same problems. Paragon is an anonymous entity. They claim they have trading professionals who analyze the markets and give you the signals, but who are they, where are they, what is their track record?

No details are provided, no proofs of successful trading. How can you trust such a service?

The video presentation was obviously recorded with a green background and then a picture of an office was added later during the editing process.

There is no company information, no contact information, nothing. Can you buy trading signals from an anonymous entity?

True earnings?

Paragon Crypto trading signals are allegedly capable to earn you up to 80% on your investment every month. This is a huge number, the best world’s hedge funds don’t achieve such numbers.

So, how probable is that an anonymous service like Paragon Crypto is better then the world’s best hedge funds?

With 80% per month and compounding you would need to start with only $1000 to become a millionaire within a year. Why is Paragon selling their signals, if they can make them millionaires so quickly?

Also consider this. If you have profitable strategy, the more people use it, the less it will work. Because everybody will jump into the markets at the same time, which will significantly move the price and ruin your entries.

All in all, selling profitable signals doesn’t make economic sense from the seller’s point of view. Well, it can make sense if you use the signals for a pump and dump schemes and enter the market before sending the signal to your clients.


We don’t believe that Paragon Crypto Trading Signals can deliver what they promise, their anonymous offer just doesn’t make sense.

If you decide to try the Pragon Crypto Signals anyway, be careful and test them first without risking real money. You can use a free demo with a regulated broker for that.

You should test every strategy on a demo first, never try any strategy directly with your own money.

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