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Pattern Trader Pro reviewIn this review we discuss the Forex trading system Pattern Trader Pro of Michael Aigars.

Aigars says that he will reveal to you a secret that will allow you to trade Forex profitably. With his automated system Pattern Trader Pro you allegedly can grow your account by 80% effortlessly every 3 – 4 months.

He goes as far as saying that with his system you can become a millionaire with a $5,000 deposit in less than two years.

Access to the Pattern Trader Pro cost $397 per year. Is it worth it?


This cannot be trueThere are thousands of Forex trading systems that promise to make you tons of money and they cost only a few tens or hundreds of dollars. Does it make sense? Of course not!

This is the first question you should ask yourself: why is he selling a system that can make him a millionaire? Especially when you know that the more people use the same system the less it will be profitable, because everybody entering the markets at the same time will move the price against your entry, therefore you will get a worse price.

It just simply doesn’t make sense at all.


Aigars is saying that he will grow your account by 80% every three or four months. Based on what? Based on stats that show that he was (maybe) able to achieve this profit once. This is another problem, you cannot say that if you manage to do something once, that you will be able to repeat it forever in trading. That is not how it works.

Forex is unpredictable. First of all, Aigars doesn’t have enough data to say anything about the performance of system, a few months is nothing on Forex. Secondly, even if he had more data, on Forex past performance is not a guarantee of future outcome.

The way Aigars promotes Pattern Trader Pro is illegal in most countries.

Who is Michael Aigars?

Michael AigarsLast but not least, Aigars doesn’t seem to be a trustworthy person. In fact, Michael Aigars obviously is not his real name, since on other websites he uses the name Aigars Vasiljevs.

He doesn’t even tell you his real name, how can you trust him? As he will redirect you to LeapFX, it seems that is just an affiliate who is trying to make money by selling crap.


Pattern Trader Pro raises many red flags, this is why we recommend not buying it.

In trading there are no magic systems that you could buy for a few hundreds of dollars and become a millionaire in a year or two. Profitable trading is a skill that you have to develop, starting on a demo account and building your way up.

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  1. Dude I can attest to this review! I bought it, lost 60% of my account in 30 days. Asked for my refund several times. They said just give it time. So I did and now they wont return my emails and keep trying to cram another bot down my throat. Wont admit that the software is crap.

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