Beware of Pearson Profits on binary options

Pearson Profits web siteToday we are going to have a look at a new binary options project called “Pearson Profits”.

Pearson Profits has an anonymous presentation, a guy says that together with his team he programmed a binary options trading app that is based on the Pearson method of statistical analysis.

This app is called Pearson Profits and he says that it made him millionaire. Individuals can allegedly make up to $350,000 per month with this software.

Now you can get it for free, although 5 % of your profits will be paid to the creator of the app.

Why we don’t trust Pearson Profits

We cannot clearly state that Pearson Profits is a scam, because the presentation is more or less empty, but it is fair to say that it has the same elements as hundreds of binary options scam that we have seen and reviewed.

The first thing is that somebody is giving away for free an app that can allegedly make hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. But it is very probable that if you go through the sign up process, you will have to open a trading account with a certain broker and deposit at least $250.

If it is the case, you can be almost sure that it is a scam. Because scammers always promise free money but ask for your deposit first.

Another thing that makes Pearson Profits very suspicious is the claim that it has been voted nr. 1 by industry watchdog TradeGuardian. We have never heard about TradeGuardian in this industry and we haven’t found anything about it on the Internet, so it looks like a false claim.

And that’s all, because Pearson Profits does not show more. Just a guy saying that he will make you millionaire for free and showing one trade. There is really nothing to support his claim.


If Pearson Profits ask you to first deposit money with their selected binary options broker, we recommend staying away from it, because this is how scams usually work.

The safest way to try binary options to see how you can make money in trading leads through a free demo account where you have nothing to deposit.

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