Beware of Sir William Bot and The Trading Compass

Sir William Bot websiteIn this review we explain why it is a bad idea to trade binary options with Sir William Bot and The Trading Compass presented by John Burley.

Burley says that he can give you access to a trading system that will make you a millionaire. You allegedly can become super rich. The system is called Sir William Bot.

And Burley will give you access to his system for free. That’s it, it is as simple as that, he says that you can become millionaire for free.

Sir William Bot scam

Terms of ServiceLet’s put it straight, John Burley and Sir William do not exist. Everything you heard in the video is just pure fiction. There is absolutely no free millionaire system.

You don’t have to believe us, just read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of the Sir William Bot web page.

There you will see that paid actors have been used and that the system is new, so it has no real results that you could base your decision upon.

The biggest revelation of Sir William Bot is that it is just a funnel that leads to The Trading Compass.

The Trading Compass scam

Trading Compass softwareWhen you sign up for Sir William Bot, you are redirected to a landing page of the Trading Compass.

This a binary options trading software that has only one aim: make you deposit money and trade with the B4Binary broker.

In fact this software has been created by B4Binary. So this unregulated broker is using dubious techniques, like fake testimonials, see the picture below, to get new customers.

Fake testimonialNow if you follow the process and sign up for the Trading Compass, you’ll see that you cannot use the software unless you deposit money. It is because they don’t want you to test it and see that it does not work.

So if you use it with real money, you will lose your deposit. That’s how this story ends.


Sir William Bot and The Trading Compass are one scam that wants your money. If you trade your money with this robot, you will lose it.

Making money with binary options is not free. It comes at a price, you have to devote some of your time to learning and testing on a demo account.

Start trading with live money only if you see results on the demo.

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