BEWARE of Smart4EX, 4fxRoyal, GCE Capitals, Tradezmarket and Vetoro Banc

The British financial regulator FCA has extended its blacklist with more unregulated brokers.


Smart4EXSmart 4EX is presented as a decentralized platform for CFD trading. The underlying assts are currencies, commodities a stock indices. There is a also an investment program that is supposed to give you 50% returns on investment in just a few weeks.

Smart4EX is therefore a complex investment service and it is based in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it is not authorized by the FCA, therefore it is an illegal service.

GCE Capitals

GCE CapitalsGCE Capitals offers cryptocurrency and fiat currency trading. It is a broker, and so it needs a license from a financial regulator.

GCE Capitals claims to be base in Switzerland, but its phone number is British. However, the broker is not licensed in any of those countries, it is not regulated at all.


4FX Royal4FX Royal is a Forex, commodities and stocks broker. Its headquarters are in the UK, meanwhile it supposedly also has offices in Switzerland and Singapore.

But 4fxRoyal has no authorization whatsoever to provide investment services, so it is breaking the laws in every country it is seeking customers.


TradezmarketTradezmarket is a Forex broker, so it allows its clients to trade with currency pairs. The minimum deposit to open a real trading account with this broker is 10,000 Euros, which is a very high amount.

Tradezmarket allegedly has offices in Bulgaria and Switzerland, but according to the FCA it has no authorization to provide investment services, it is a broker that is not regulated.

Vetoro Banc

Vetoro BancVetoro Banc is a brokerage that allows currency, commodity, stocks and cryptocurrency trading.

Vetoro says it is based in Great Britain, so it should be regulated by the FCA. But it is not, it has no license, which was confirmed by the FCA.


Smart4EX, 4fxRoyal, GCE Capitals, Tradezmarket and Vetoro Banc are unregulated brokers, the Financial Conduct Authority has warned against them. Stay away from them.

For financial trading you should always use regulated brokers.