BEWARE OF the 100K Binary Challenge

In this quick review we have a look at the 100K Binary Challenge of Shane Morton and Isaac Saki Groisman.

What it is about

100k-binary-challenge100K Binary Challenge promises to turn your $250 deposit into $100,000. You should achieve this by copying trades of people who run this program.

So again, free money everywhere, we basically don’t know what to do with all this free money that is flooding us from these millionaires programs…

Why we are sceptical

depositIn all our articles we describe the mechanisms of binary options scams: Some brokers are willing to pay their affiliates for referring new depositing clients. And some affiliates use scam tactics and lies to make you deposit with their broker so that they earn their affiliate commission.

And unfortunately 100K Binary requires you to first deposit money with a broker that you cannot chose (in the free program). So they obviously are after affiliate commissions they will get from their broker for referring you.

So you have your deposit to lose in this game. If 100K Binary Challenge is not working, you will lose your money and never get it back.

Moreover we have found several complaints about the 100K Binary Challenge that suggest that it really is not working, that it is losing money.

You can also use common sense, does free money really exist? People behind 100K are obviously doing it for affiliate commissions from their broker and they will earn that commission even if you lose money by copying their trades.


We recommend staying away from the 100K Binary Challenge, because your money would be at stake, meanwhile there is evidence suggesting that it is a losing program.

We always say that you should test any strategy/system on a demo account first. Only when you see that something is working on a demo, you can start trading it with real money.

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