BEWARE OF the Binary Option Club – review

This review of the Binary Option Club explains why we don’t recommend trading with this program of Paul Schafer.

Binary Option Club is a platform that allows you to copy allegedly professional binary options traders. This of course is supposed to make you money and make you learn how to trade.

And Binary Option Club is of course free, because money is free, right?

Don’t use Binary Option Club

There are several reasons why don’t recommend trading with Binary Option Club.

Suspicious stats, anonymous experts

The Binary Option Club is supposed to let you learn and copy trading professionals. But who are they? Where is their proven track record? Where are their licences to provide investment advice?

Take a look at the example of Sarah McCullough. She allegedly has a 90% win rate. But this equals to a miracle in binary options trading, she would very quickly become very healthy and you too, by copying her.

We seriously doubt that Binary Option Club experts are real trading professionals, we believe that the names and their stats are fictitious.

Not free, you have to risk your money

The biggest problem of Binary Option Club is that after registering you won’t be allowed to do anything until you deposit money with one of their brokers.

This obviously also means that you will have to risk your own money since the first trade, no testing and verifying the performance.

So if Binary Option Club is losing, which we consider very probable, you will be immediately losing money since the first trade with no option to recover it.

Do you want to risk your own money by copying trades from an anonymous source?

How it works

It is clear that the first aim of the Binary Option Club is to make you deposit money with an affiliated broker, because it will earn an affiliate commission to people who run this club. Their motivation is to get paid for referring you and making you deposit with their partner broker.

Therefore their trading signals don’t have to be profitable, they will get paid for referring you anyway.


We don’t recommend trading with Binary Option Club, because it forces you to risk your own money since the first trade with signals that you cannot verify in any way.

Binary options trading should be started on a real and free demo account with a regulated broker.

It is the place to learn and prepare a strategy that will make you real money.

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