Beware of the Binary Trading Robot!

In this short review we have a look at the Binary Trading Robot of Max Taylor. We believe it is not a good idea to trade binary options with this program.

What it is about

On the Binary Trading Robot website you will learn that this program is actually not about a robot. It allegedly is about learning from a professional binary trader that can help you to achieve a 7-figure income.

And you can get all this for free, because when somebody makes millions, he teaches it others for free, right?

Stay away

As always we have to stress that there is no free money, not even on binary options. So if somebody promises you to make you a millionaire for free, you should be extremely careful.

Then you have the alleged “insurance policy to protect you from losing trades”, which is an impossible thing in real trading. In real trading losses are a normal part of your results. The trick is to have more winners than losers, that’s all trading is about.

So when somebody tells you that you are insured against losing trades, and for free, he must be a liar, there is no other way. Especially when it is an anonymous party with no contact information.

How it really works

Because you have to go through a webinar in order to get access to the Binary Trading Robot, we could not test it till the end. So we can only assume what happens next.

It is very probable that after joining you will be asked to open a trading account with a selected broker and deposit money into this account. Only then you will be able to use the program. And if you do it, the program will lose your money. So if you are asked for a deposit, you can be sure that it is a scam.

The program might even provide a fake demo. You should always check the results on a demo with a regulated broker.


We have every reason to believe that Binary Trading Robot is lying about the results you will achieve, because there is no such thing as insurance against losing trades.

If you really want to try the program, do it only if they let you test it first on a free demo account with a regulated broker. Otherwise stay away!

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