BEWARE OF The Bitcoin Profits Plan – review

Bitcoin Profits Plan websiteIn this review we have a look at the Bitcoin Profits Plan of Robert Corrigan and Barry Joyce.

The Bitcoin Profits Plan is supposed to be a plan that will allow you to build multiple bitcoin income streams for free. With a small investment you allegedly can grow your bitcoin income more quickly.

The plan costs $17. Is it worth it?


We checked the Bitcoin Profits Plan website and we found the presentation very misleading. First of all, there is no such thing as free bitcoin.

No free money

The productBitcoin is a cryptocurrency, so saying you could get free bitcoins is like saying you could get free money. You can’t.

You always have to provide something in return, be it your time, work or money. Even mining bitcoin is not free, you have to pay for the hardware and electricity.

No free bitcoins on exchanges

Misleading productsAnother problem is that the Bitcoin Profits Plans shows screenshot from exchanges like Coinbase or brokers like IQ Option to prove you can get free bitcoins.

This is very misleading, because you can’t get free bitcoins on exchanges or with brokers, you can only buy them. So, showing pictures like the one on the right is manipulative.

Robert Corrigan and Barry Joyce

We also had a look at the two guys that are selling the Bitcoin Profits Plan and we were even less convinced.

Especially because Corrigan has a history of selling all kinds of digital products on the internet, like 5RR Profits, Plugin Auction Profits, 12 Roads to Success, E-book domination, etc.

All his products are supposed to help you build a successful business. It seems they all failed, if now you are supposed to buy his latest one – Bitcoin Profits Plans – and since Corrigan still has to create new digital products and sell them for a few bucks.


We found the Bitcoin Profits Plan presentation misleading, therefore we recommend staying away from this product. Nobody will give you bitcoins for free.

If you want to earn money with cryptocurrencies, you have to trade them. It’s not easy, but you can learn it, start practicing on a free demo account.

Be sure to understand the risks before you eventually start trading with real money.

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