BEWARE of the Invest Simulator App – review

Invest Simulator App websiteRead this review to understand why the Invest Simulator is a dangerous app.

The Invest Simulator App is pretty simple. It shows a trading platform with a simple chart that is supposed to represent bitcoin. You have to choose whether you will buy or sell, then you will make money.

You will allegedly get a $150 bonus to start trading.

Invest Simulator App scam

Not a real demoThe Invest Simulator App is totally ridiculous. First of all, you are supposed to choose a buy or a sell order when you see on the chart where the price is going to move.

It is not a trading simulator, it is a farce. Moreover, even if you choose a sell order and the prices goes up, they will still say that you have won.

We consider this to be a scam that wants you to believe that will easily win every crypto trade. But that is not the case!

What is the goal

Fictitious winAt the end of every simulation the Invest Simulator App will invite you to register and trade. We tried to register to see what will come up, but we were unable to finish to process.

Therefore, we can only assume what comes next, but based on our reviews of more than a thousand scams we are pretty sure that they will open a trading account with an unregulated broker for you. Then they will push you to deposit money with that broker.

If you send them your money, you will lose everything, they will never let you withdraw anything. That’s how these investment scams work.


Invest Simulator App is a scam demo that will generate fictitious profit no matter what you do. Stay away from it!

If you want to try crypto trading, do it on a genuine demo account with a regulated broker.

Such a demo will get you as close as possible to a real trading environment so that you can see if you can learn to trade profitably.

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