BEWARE of the Profit Harvester System – review

Profit Harvester SystemIn this review of the Profit Harvester System (PHS) we explain why we don’t recommend trading with this program.

Profit Harvester System is a trading system. They don’t say explicitly what it trades, but is seem that it is designed for Forex. But then we also saw a review saying that it is made for binary options.

Anyway, PHS is allegedly a self-learning system that wins 56 % of trades and its historical maximum drawdown is only 6 %.

And it seems that Profit Harvester is free, so is it worth trying it or is it a scam?

Fake guarantee

The Guarantee is fakeOne thing is sure, Profit Harvester System is lying about risks associated with trading. They say that the system is “risk free, guarantee”.

But then you read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that clearly states the trading is associated with a high level of risk, which is true.

There is no such a thing as risk free financial trading. There is always the risk that you will lose money instead of earning.

Fake testimonials

Reviews are fakeThe big warning sign that Profit Harverster System might be a scam is testimonials. They are fake.

We examined them and we found that they are made with stock photos. Look at our picture to see the proof.

Using fake testimonials is a scam practice. Period. Therefore we cannot trust Profit Harvester System.

Anonymous and not regulated

And finally we remind you that providing a trading system equals to providing investment advice. And this is a regulated activity in most countries. You have to have a licence for that.

But we could not even find contact information for PHS. So it obviously is an anonymous and unlicensed investment service.


Profit Harvester System is an unlicensed trading system that uses fake testimonials. Therefore we recommend staying away from it.

We have to repeat that all free binary options trading systems that we have seen so far were scams. This is why we recommend to people who are interested in real trading to try a free demo account with a regulated broker and to build their own trading strategy.

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