Beware of the Push Money App, review of a scam

Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan
Paid actors.

In this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called “Push Money App”. It is presented by Dennis Moreland and Mike Callahan.

Moreland and Callahan claim to be owners of the Push Money Company that created a binary options trading app that can make you a lot of money, up to $1,000 per hour. They don’t tell you how, but Moreland says that he will pay you $1,000 dollar at the end of the presentation if the app does not fulfil his promises.

And the usual miracle is here too, you can get a free lifetime licence for the Push Money App. But this whole story is unfortunately a big lie, we are dealing here with the typical scam scheme.

The Push Money App

Dates do not match, time does not change a second.

When watching the video, you can see some signs and finally even proofs that it is a fake story made with paid actors. Nothing real here. For example look at Moreland and his wife when they are driving their car, it has no licence plates, which of course is illegal on public roads. So they are hiding something.

But to cut a long story short, let’s focus on the meeting they set up with new users of the Push Money App. There is a group of people that is starting to use the software to make money. The most tangible proof that it has all been faked is in the dates. The meeting supposedly took place February 15, but when testers show their screens with their earning, the date is July 29.

Push Money App account
Accounts funded before being open?

And one more proof that it is not real. Testers show their screens one after another, but the time on their screens remains the same to the second! So one hundred percent fake testimonials.

The last unreal thing is that Moreland and Callahan say to testers that they funded their Push Money App accounts in advance, but it is only later that they make them open their accounts. So how could they fund accounts that did not exist?

Push Money Company and false promises

Push Money Company
So who is behind it?

We also investigated about the Push Money Company. Not only we haven’t found anything about a company of this name, but the interesting is that on the Push Money App web site there is another name: Canuck Method Software.

And the Canuck Method is another well known binary options scam. So let’s sum it up, a non existent company made up by scammers is promising you money. Moreland says at the beginning of the video that he’ll write your name on the $1,000 check, but did it happen? Of course not!

By the way, read their Earnings Disclaimer, you’ll see that there are no guarantees whatsoever.

The truth

In reality Moreland and Callahan are affiliated with binary options brokers and will get paid for every new person that opens an account and deposit money with them. This is why they also say that the more you deposit, the more money you can make. In reality this will increase their commission.

So you will never see a single cent from them, in fact when you sign up, the first thing they’ll ask you to do is to deposit at least $250. Otherwise you won’t get access to the Push Money App. And if you then trade with their app, you will lose your deposit. End of sad story.


The Push Money App is a typical binary options scam. They promise you free money, but they ask you to deposit and trade your money, which you will lose, if you follow them.

Binary options trading works differently. You can make money in binary trading, but always start on a free demo and build a profitable strategy first, only then you can go live.

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10 thoughts on “Beware of the Push Money App, review of a scam

  1. I’m from UAE .And I was recievd an Email in 16th of November said that I have cheque amount 2700 US
    But I must first give my full name and bank account to take thus money.but thanks God that my website close by our great government. At this time I feel that their is something illegal.. So I make my surch and found that they told everyone that you are the lucky one and this is last chance to getting that 2700$. And After I saw your. Great investigation .I Really want to tell everyone to take care and be careful from those liars.thanks everybody. And have a good luck.and about the Mr Paul suggest.. I’m 100% With his good suggesting ..and hope to sew his good suggesting come soon.thanks

  2. I could tell that the “New Members” were actors…..but, such is the way for any promotional advertisement. I still wanted to believe it was true out of my own financial desperation. I am a very good author, poet and photographer and still I sleep in my car. Why can’t we poor people pool our resources together and turn it into something profitable….like the rich, asian and mexicans do. I am sick and tired of all the scams artist. When I had money, I lost $2000 to a well-known broker firm who promised me large amounts of money. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Paul E. Beard (Author, Poet, Photographer, Minister and Homeless). 832-754-3302. Call me if you all are sick and tired, too! Let’s start our own money making group and stop giving to these rich scam artists!

  3. its still out there on the internet – listened to Dennis & Mike – should have known “too good to be true”. My app froze up because of Google Chrome & after receiving calls from a “BROKER” Glenridge Capital – to which I explained the video froze up – didn’t know anything about a broker, asked about $1000 but got nothing, only wanted my $250 deposit Im disappointed to say the least.

  4. I Thank the good Lord I found this site, I first discovered Pushmoneyapp on 3/1/2016 I finally tried to send 250.00 to start today on 3/25/2016 fortunaterly the site was closed and no more positions were available. Thanks for your updates.

  5. Heartless they are – after listening to my financial situation, they still wouldn’t let me start up with less than $500! I had too many questions and didn’t receive enough answers! Thank goodness my bank stopped the transaction (possible fraud due to out of the country transaction). While my bank was fixing my account so I could give “Forex Options” (Who are they??-the bank told me they were the ones on the other end depositing my $500), I was able to find this website and stop the transaction! Thank you!

    Back to the ole’ adage, “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is…”

  6. Just last night, I ve listen to these dispicable heartless peoples video, I do have high hopes and I ve put $200 and system took out $300, and registered my surname under something else,tried to correct it with no luck.. I had email from Porter Finance saying I m registered with them, but sent them email bounced back, asked for a call back no reply, send email to, no reply either…. Extremely worried that i ve lost $300 in short few min… Dont invest your money with these heartless human beings.

  7. I would like to know how can people scam other people by giving them high hopes to earn money, especially from those who are living on very limited income and will put their trust in people like Dennis and Mike. They and whomever is involved should be arrested and put away for years plus strip them from their wealth.

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