BEWARE of the Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner – review

In this review we explain our negative opinion about the Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner for Forex trading.

Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner reviewZenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner is an expert advisor (EA) for Metatrader 4. If you buy it for $197 and install it, it will tell you what trades to enter and how to set up your exits.

You allegedly need no experience to profit with this indicator. Its website suggest that it can make you hundreds, if not thousands of pips per month. But what is the truth?


ScamLet’s start on a general note. You have a trading system that makes hundreds of pips per month, which means that you can become a millionaire within a year. Will you sell this system to anyone for $197 and risk that it will stop working because of too many people using it? Of course not!

And that is the problem we have with all these Forex trading systems that are on the internet. They promise you millions, although often indirectly, and they cost just a few dollars. It makes no sense at all.

People who have a profitable trading system just use it for trading and make money, they don’t sell it to others. This is common sense.

We have been trading financial markets for 13 years and we remain persuaded that it is impossible to make hundreds of pips on a monthly basis. You can have a very good month with such a result, but it is not sustainable in the long run.

The reason is that markets keep changing, they never often the same opportunities over and over again, there are long periods when the price just does nothing and keeps moving in a tight range, which means that you cannot make a lot of pips.

This is why we believe that systems like Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner are scams, because they show only pictures with big price movements and they claim that they could capture almost the entire move. They never show you flat price action and losses that every trading system has.

Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner review conclusion

We are sure that Zenith Harmonic Pattern Scanner cannot make you hundreds of pips per month or more, this trading system is not telling you the whole truth.

Just try a free trading demo and you will see that markets behavior change, you cannot make the same amount of pips every month. A huge success is to make any profits at all!

No free or cheap system will make you rich, profitable trading is more difficult than that.

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