BEWARE of TOKEX – review

TokexIn this review we examine Tokex, the token exchange and investment program.

Tokex is an exchange that is supposed to let you trade with new cryptocurrencies issued through initial coin offerings before they hit regular exchanges.

Tokex is also an investment program that offer returns up to 33% net per month. Can you trust it?


InvestingWhile we cannot test the token exchange, we still have certain doubts about it.Tokex is an unknown entity, so to send them your cryptocurrencies is risky.

But the main issue we have with Tokex is its investment program. 33% per month is very high and they don’t even say how they are supposed to make so much money.

33% per month is a number common for Ponzi schemes and it is what Tokex looks like to us. Add to this their affiliate program with 10% across three levels and we are pretty sure that Tokex is not clean.

It certainly is an investment service that is illegal in most countries, because collecting money from the public and paying out profits on the deposits is a regulated activity, meanwhile Tokex is not regulated at all.

Tokex is probably just another Ponzi scheme that will disappear pretty quickly, we would not use their services at all.

Tokex is an anonymous entity, they don’t provide any address or other real contact information. This is a big red flag.


Tokex is very probably just a Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse sooner or later, because the investment program is unsustainable in the long term. Stay away from them!

If you want to try cryptocurrencies trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

On the demo you can test trading with virtual money, so you don’t risk anything.

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