BEWARE OF U.S. Binary Signals – review

In this U.S. Binary Signals review we explain why we believe that you should stay away from this service.

U.S. Binary Singnals is a binary options service that generates trading signals to be traded on the Nadex Exchange.

These signals allegedly have a 80% win rate. They cost $1 per the first two weeks and then $97 per month.

U.S. Binary Signals problems

We checked the U.S. Binary Signals offer and we have several problems it. First of all, speaking generally, does it seem logical that signals that can make you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per month cost $97 per month? Of course not!

Profitable trading systems cost huge amounts of money. U.S. Binary Singals allegedly can quadruple your account in a month. This is nothing short of a miracle and we wonder why every U.S. citizen is not using it, because quadrupling your account every month will make you a millionaire very quickly.

Strange formulations

U.S. Binary Signals provide some really strange statements. For example they say that the average win rate at expiration is 80 %. But the disclaimer says that “purchasing out of the money options will results in a lower winning percentage.”

Out of the money options are nothing else than losing trades. So in essence they say that if you make losing sales, your win ratio will be lower. But who generates the trading signals? Really weird…

Anonymous and unregulated service

U.S. Binary Signals is a totally anonymous service, you won’t find a single name, phone number or address. And so we believe that it is an illegal service.

Because the law says: “Section 202(a)(11) of the Advisers Act generally defines an “investment adviser” as any person or firm that: (1) for compensation; (2) is engaged in the business of; (3) providing advice, making recommendations, issuing reports, or furnishing analyses on securities, either directly or through publications. A person or firm must satisfy all three elements to be regulated under the Advisers Act.”

U.S. Binary signals is engaged in the business of providing advice and making trading recommendations for compensation. So we believe that they should be registered as Investment Advisers, which they are not.

This is only our opinion, so if you are considering using U.S. Binary Signals, we suggest you check with the SEC or other national regulator to see if it is really a legit service.


U.S. Binary Signals is an anonymous and unregulated service that you should check with your national regulator, if you consider using it. We strongly believe that the real performance of this service will be far away from what is presented.

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1 thought on “BEWARE OF U.S. Binary Signals – review

  1. I am not seeing a track record. Red flag. I would like to see a track record. don’t need details.
    First, you can give signals without being a registered as Investment Advisers. 1,000’s signal services. Motley Fool give buy signals. IBD etc. If it was only a dollar, now $14 dollars, Why did not try them out and give a true test? They use clickbank which has a good refund policy.
    Looking at sample signals, they don’t give fill rate. Signal can win only if filled.
    But, a nameless site another big red flag.

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