BEWARE of XRP Classic – scam review

XRP ClassicThis is a warning, don’t invest any money into XRP Classic (XRPC).

XRP Classic is a project with a very confusing presentation. At one place you can read that it is a content management system, another place says that it is an auto trading system and also a trading signals provider.

What is the XRPC token really about?

XRP Classic scam

XRP Classic is an obvious scam that has to be avoided. Here is why.

Not XRP nor Ripple related

No informationXRP Classic uses a logo that belongs to the company Ripple and has no right to do so. XRP Classic is not associated in any way with Ripple.

Also, XRP Classic has nothing to do with real XRP, the second biggest cryptocurrency. In fact, XRPC is not even issued on the XRP Ledger, it is just an ERC20 token issued on the Ethereum network.

XRP Classic is clearly trying to take advantage of Ripple’s and XRP’s good reputation, but it has nothing in common with them.

Illegal offer?

Trading serviceShould XRP Classic really provide a trading system and trading signals, it is an investment service that needs a licence from financial regulators.

But XRP Classic is totally anonymous, it is not even clear who runs the project (someone from Bangladesh?), so it is not regulated in any way.

The website is half-baked, a lot info is missing or confusing. It is not something you should even consider investing your money into.


XRP Classic is a scam that has nothing to do with the real XRP or Ripple. Stay away from it!

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