BEWARE, Total Income Investors and Complete Profit Code are scams!

In this short review we explain why Complete Profit Code and Total Income Investors are a total scam that will lose you money.

Usually we expose binary options scams, but this this time we will make an exception. Total Income Investors is a work from home opportunity that is supposed to make you hundreds of dollars per day.

The shocking thing is that Elon Musk from Tesla is allegedly endorsing it. But of course it is a scam.

Total Income Investors scam

Elon MuskJust look at the picture of Elon Musk that is used by Total Income Investors. It is absolutely obvious that it has been photoshopped. We have verified it and the whole article is a big scam.

To make it even more clear, Musk has absolutely nothing to do with Total Income investors and he has never published a single word about. Nor has Richard Branson.

The article about Total Income Investors is a total scam, totally fake. But what is it made for? Well, it is just a funnel for the Complete Profit Code scam.

Complete Profit Code scam

Work from homeComplete Profit Code is supposed to make you money. How will you earn that money? By posting link for companies. This is of course a total scam.

We’re not saying that you can never earn anything by posting links, but it certainly won’t be hundreds of dollars per day. Moreover you don’t need to pay $97 anybody just for letting you know that it is a think that you could do.

We’ve read some reviews about Complete Profit Code and they were all negative. You will just pay for some advice to realize that all you might earn is a few cents per day.


Total Income Investors is a scam that abuses the identity of Elon Musk. Complete Profit Code is an associated scam that lies about how much you can make by posting links. Stay away from them!

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