Beware, Wilkins Finance is not regulated – review

In this review we explain why you should not trade with the broker Wilkins Finance.

About Wilkins Finance

Wilkins Finance brokerWilkins Finance is a broker that offers CFD trading with underlying assets such as shares, indices, currencies, cryptocurrencies and commodities.

The minimum deposit to open an account is 250 USD, the minimum withdrawal is 50 USD.

The broker does not provide the address of the office, but the contact number leads to the United Kingdom.

At the bottom of each page you will find information that Wilkins Finance is owned and operated by Carter Enterprises OU from Bulgaria.

Not regulated, stay away

No contact addressThe most important thing about Wilkins Finance is that the broker has no licence whatsoever, it is not regulated. This means that it cannot operate legally in the EU, US, Australia and any other country with a financial regulation.

As we said, the support phone number leads to the UK, which means that Wilkins Finance is probably targeting clients in the EU. If it is the case, the broker is operating illegaly.

We also want to note that investment scams are lately often associated with unregulated brokers from Bulgaria, so extreme caution is needed here. Not to mention that with unregulated brokers your money is not protected in any way, etc.


Wilkins Finance is an unregulated broker that cannot operate in any country with a financial regulation. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in trading, we recommend trading with regulated brokers only.

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12 thoughts on “Beware, Wilkins Finance is not regulated – review

  1. Alas I did sign up with Wilkins and they have my money. To get a withdrawal of my $365 nzd I have to give them a good deal of private info. I guess I have lost my money as I am not giving them the info and have changed all cc cards

  2. Scum of the earth lied to for the whole 40 minutes talking on the phone to ken Ramos he called me again from another company tried getting more money out of me … This is big scale fraud … the information on this page should be at the top of there website not pages up why is the website even allowed to be operating I will never know . letting them get away with ripping hard working people off even got a email from mr john stone asking for a time he can call me that’s convenient for me .. never got a reply the whole set up is a scam… Wilkins finance I hope ”this catch up with you and get what you derserve. Give us our money back dirty scum

  3. They are the scum of the earth….. They are FAKE. whats out. send this information all over the world.
    F……S…./ they are

  4. I learned my biggest lesson from this hoax company. I changed all my Cards. They used many people from across US, South East, India and call you every night to guarantee big money return. They nearly wiped out my money and they will disturb you nightly. I even recorded the conversation. They are swindlers and they used different name with the same voice,different phone but is used by many trading firms as well. You only go for the trading firm in your country DO NOT go for overseas firm. Scam scam scam, they will pay for this in their lifetime!!! Help to spread and protect the innocent people.

  5. They did the same to me omggggggg wtfff i want my money back how people? Am fumingggggg i wanted to talk to the finance department and she goes we dont have number wtf which big name company doesnt have a finance department number f…………inggggg prickssssss

  6. They have trying to collect money from people…don’t trust this fucking broker any one..they are the complete cheating team…

  7. Yes, Wilkins Finance is scam broker. They did the same to me. Now I can not withdraw my money. They are big scam. Now I can not get back my money. Be ware of Wilkins Finance

  8. Well, too late I discovered how stupid I have been. The transfer to Wilkins is still in my banks pending system and the bank cant stop the payment going through. However I managed to log on to the site and requested the refund. I’m told I have to,wait 7 to 10 days.

    1. I should also say that the three email addresses on their web site are not reachable. I get an error stating the address does not exist.

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