BGFX scam review – stay away from this!

In this BGFX review we explain why this investment offer is not even worth considering.

Bitgenises reviewBitgenises (BGFX) claims to be an investment company that is very successful in cryptocurrency trading.

It offers investment plans to the public, with monthly returns ranging from 15% to 20%. There is also a referral program that can double your earnings, because you will get the same returns as people who you refer to the system.

This means that Bitgenises claim to be able to generate at least 30% to 40% monthly returns. Really?

BGFX scam

Investment plansA quick look at the numbers reveals that Bitgenises is a scam. No legitimate investment company will give you 100% percent of what your referrals will earn.

Also, 30% to 40% per month is something that no real investment company can do on a regular basis, world’s best investment fund will generate such returns in one year.

Illegal investment service

Company not licensedOne interesting thing is to look at the Bitgenises company, because it claims to be based in the United States. It means that it needs a license from regulators to be able to operate legally.

But there is no company of this name licensed in the US to provide investment service, therefore it is illegal. We sincerely doubt that BGFX is even located in the US.

How it works

In reality, BGFX has no trading algorithm, let alone artificial intelligence for arbitrage trading. You see, arbitrage trading requires no artificial intelligence, just quick trading between exchanges.

In fact, Bitgenises is doing no real trading at all, it obviously is just a scam scheme, a Ponzi scheme. This means that they do the opposite of what they say. They use money deposited into the system to play a dirty game.

Scams like this one often use some of the deposits for payouts to make it look like it is working. But it inevitably will run out of money soon and collapse monumentally, if it didn’t already happen. This the nature of programs like these.

BGFX review conclusion

BGFX is a dirty scam, it does no real crypto trading, it is just an illegal investment scheme. Stay away from it!

If you want to try real crypto trading, open a free demo account with a regulated broker and start testing with virtual money.

Only when you understand a risk and have a good strategy, you can start investing for real.

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