BIG SCAM: Conomi review

Conomi review

This review reveals that the Conomi cryptocurrency is a scam that you should not get involved with.

Conomi is presented as a new cryptocurrency that is designed for e-commerce. It is focused on providing a seamless way to transact between global buyers and sellers.

One of the main features of Conomi is that you allegedly can make money just by owning and staking the token CMO. There are several investment plans with returns ranging from 7% to 13%. Probably daily? Details are missing.

So, you are supposed the buy the Conomi cryptocurrency and wait for the profits to come. Does it work that way?

Conomi scam

Unfortunately, Conomi is a fake cryptocurrency and a scam. There are several proofs and we are going to present some of them in this review.

Fake cryptocurrency

Fake cryptoWhen you take a look at the roadmap on Conomi’s website, they claim that the CMO token is already listed on the following exchanges: Coinex, HitBTC Bittrex and Cucoin. But it is not true!

You can check and search for Conomi or CMO. You will find nothing, not a single exchange has listed it, it is a fake cryptocurrency that probably exists only on paper.

Fake team

Fake project teamWhen you continue reading the Conomi’s website, you will see the project team, which consists of eight people. But again, the team is fake.

Just look at the CEO Patrick O’Brian. The real name of the man on the photo is Tim Demetriou and he has nothing to do with Conomi, his photo was stolen!

No partners

No partnersThe Conomi ecosystem allegedly already includes several partners, such as Bukalapak, Jakmall, Mullberry or Blibli. But it is not true!

These companies have nothing in common with Conomi or the CMO cryptocurrency. They are listed on the website without even knowing about it!

How it really works

Conomi obviously is a scam, and it all evolves around the investment plans. They will make you pay with real money for their fake token CMO. They will keep your money and leave you with a fake cryptocurrency that has no value and that can’t be sold on any exchange.

It is as simple as that. Maybe they are running a Ponzi scheme and will pay out some profits during the first days, weeks or possibly even months. But because no real values are created, no real business is going on, it is doomed to collapse like many other crypto scams of this kind did.

Review conclusion

Conomi is a scam, CMO is a fake cryptocurrency. Stay away from it, because it is sure to collapse monumentally.

If you want to trade with real cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo account and practice.

You have to understand trading, the risks and have a god strategy before investing real money.

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