BIG SCAM: Cryptologic review

Cryptologic official websiteThis review provides proofs that Cryptologic is a binary options and crypto scam.

Cryptologic is supposed to be a crypto trading robot that can generate you profits completely on autopilot.

It allegedly has a winning rate up to 99%, so it can make you thousands of dollars per day.

And there are limited free public spots, so is it worth signing up?

Cryptologic scam

The sad truth is that Cryptologic is just another scam that abuses binary options and cryptocurrencies at the same time.


Full of liesFirst of all, when any robot promises a 99% win ratio, it for sure is a scam. Such a win ratio is simply impossible.

Secondly all the security badges on the Cryptologic website are fake, McAffee or Norton are not associated with in any way. Heck, the site does not even use SSL for a secured access!

And last but not least, Cryptologic is not working with regulated partners. In fact, the opposite is true, it will push you to Xpert-Option, which is an unlicensed broker.

Scam software

Demo trades are fakeThe worst part about Cryptologic is the trading software. It will try to convince you that it is profitable with a free demo, but the demo is fake. We tested it and we clearly saw that it is using fake prices to generate fake profits.

Take a look at our picture, that BTC/USD trade should have been a loser, but the platform artificially spiked the price in the last second to make it a winner. But in reality the price did not move this way up, the trade was a loser.

So, the demo will generate a lot of fake profits, but in real trading the software is not profitable! Why is it faking demo results? The answer is pretty simple.

How it really works

People who run Cryptologic are associated with the unlicensed broker Xpert-option that pays them for referring new depositors. That is how they make money, they need you to deposit with this broker.

And to convince you to deposit with their unregulated broker, they fake the demo to make you believe that the robot is profitable. And if you want to use it with real money, you cannot use any other broker, just Xpert-option. Now you see?


Cryptologic is a pure scam that fakes demo results to take your real money and lose it. Stay away from it!

If you want to try binary and/or crypto trading to see how you can achieve real profits, do it on a genuine demo account with a regulated broker.

No robot will make you money for free, you have to learn and build yourself a profitable strategy.

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