Big Scam review: Tauribot on binary options

In this review we are going to have a look at a new binary options scam called “Tauribot”. It is presented by Dr. Steven Archer, Phd. from the Economics department of Chicago University.

What is Tauribot about

Dr. Steven Archer says that his team at Chicago University developed an automated binary options trading software that can make you $10.000 per week. The app allegedly has a 92 % success rate. He says that the final missing piece came from a 15 year old autistic boy Ian Tauraski who solved the Tauri Equation.

Archer says that before releasing Tauribot to the general public he needs 100 beta testers to verify his app. He explains everything in an interview with Patricia Johnson from Chicago Today.

Tauribot is a scam

No matter how good the Tauribot’s offer sounds, it is just a binary options scam. Here are the proofs.

Chicago University

Chicago University
Compare the logos, we call it identity abuse.

These scam artists are obviously well aware of the legal implication in case they use the identity of a real university and person. So they used Chicago University that does not exist, the real name of the real university is slightly different, it is The University of Chicago. It also has a different logo. See the image.

So Chicago University is a fake entity abusing the identity of The University of Chicago. The logo and fonts are similar, but details make the difference.

Dr. Steven Archer, Phd.

Dr. Steven Archer, Phd.
Fictitious Professor, paid actor.

As Chicago University does not exist, it is no surprise that Professor of Economics Steven Archer is also a fictitious identity represented by a paid actor in the video.

To be sure you can make a search on the web page of the real University of Chicago (link above). Actually there is a Professor Archer, but his name is Stephen and he is a professor of medicine. So again, pretty close, but not the same in order to avoid legal complications.

Ian Tauraski

A 15 year old boy, genius since he was a kid, solving complicated equations. But try to do a Google search, his name appears only in the Tauribot’s reviews created from January 2016. Isn’t that strange? No, it is not, because also his identity is fake, Ian Tauraski does not exist.

Patricia Johnson from Chicago Today

The interview with Professor Archer is made by Patricia Johnson from Chicago Today. But what is Chicago Today? We haven’t found any media with that name, so it is again a fictitious entity.

Tauribot – scam app

Tauribot App
Tauribot – a scam app rebranded over and over again.

And last but not least, Tauribot is just a rebranded scam app that we have seen many times before. Scammers are making up new stories every week, but a lot of them always use the same worthless trading app, they just change the logo and colors.

So a big warning, if you sign up for Tauribot, you will have to deposit $250 at least. And if you then trade your account with their app, you will lose your money. But scammers behind Tauribot will get paid an affiliate commission from their broker because they referred a new client. This is the only purpose of this scam.


Tauribot is a scam designed to make money to its creators and make you lose your deposit through a crappy app.

As we always say, binary options are a legit trading instrument under regulation in many countries, people are using them to make money and you can too. But nobody will do this for you for free, you first have to learn trading, you can try it on a free demo, then you can start making money in binary trading.

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52 thoughts on “Big Scam review: Tauribot on binary options

  1. Good luck with with Binary Options, 99% scams. I’m going back to Forex, at least I could trust my broker…

  2. Hi,

    Thank you so much finally a read ur comments brfore I tranfer fund on the scam robots James, jasmine wathdog all are scam tooooooo

  3. i saw a social media video abt binary options trading late last night. this 2 guys in lavish cars and houses boasting about big money. i cant remember the name of their system. then i researched its name and the word scam… and poof quitup (jasmine steve’s site) appears and seems legit. almost swaying me to try the 1 on their “trusted list”. but i knew the vids were fake, i just turned to their site to back up my suspicions. then i saw how she was labelling all but 1 system as a scam… and that her recommended system also needed a $250 investment fee and i started suspecting her blog. so i searched her name and the word scam together…. and here i find myself. I have always been intrigued by online trading but i thank god for my “over cautiousness”

    i evwn wasted 20min of my life watching lie detector traders video.. this seems to be the most legit site this far and i have decided as a result of reading mr novaks comments to steer away frm this completely. i will however do a course on trading… thank you sir

  4. Yes, thank you for this site, it really brings out the bad experiences and negative comments that the other sites do not publish. I also fell for this auto traders in the past and decided not to quickly jump on board so I registered with Binary Options Watchdog.Com however when ever they recommend a signals trader the brokers that the signals recommend are not regulated so I became suspicious and did not fund their account. I started to do further research and stumble upon this site and was relieved that this site really tell us traders the truth about the industry. I have opened a demo account and have traded for approximately 3 months now in order to find a strategy and to understand how the market works and i have found a strategy that I believe works best for me as Mr Novak has stated, you have to understand the market and work out a strategy that works for you. It is best to win consistently and profitably, and my advice is do not think that you will make millions in a week but rather trade for a living, whatever you make from binary option must be above what you make in a day from your employer and in that way you will understand that nothing in this world is free but requires hard work and consistency. Finally my advice to traders, please understand how the ,market works and operates and build a strategy before you open a real account to trade, it might take you 3 or more months to understand otherwise you will never profit if you do not understand binary options trading.

  5. I contacted to Chicago University and received their below email:

    Shelley Rossell
    CC Feb 29 at 12:47 AM
    Dear Nguyen Xuan Man,

    Thank you for inquiring. This is a scam. It is not affiliated with The University of Chicago. There is no such Steven Archer, PhD, affiliated with The University of Chicago. We have taken measures to have our name disaffiliated but the misleading information still persists in some areas.

    Shelley Rossell

    Shelley Rossell
    IT Security
    The University of Chicago

    Please, give me some comments or advices why they deny Tauribot????

    1. Because Tauribot is a scam and the real university does not have anything in common with it.

  6. I watched the video this morning and concluded immediately that it was another scam. But I was surprised that, which never endorsed fake products like this before, gave a full approval. I was fooled recently by another one of their recommendations Virtnext, a totally useless software. Thankfully I came across reviews like this one on another site. I have lost money in a few useless software’s like this- Virtnext, Binary Cash Creator, AutoBinarySignals and a few others. I wrote a detailed account of my failed experience with Virtnext to Binaryoptionswatchdog and he never published it. Stay away from worthless software’s like this one….

  7. I am requesting to receive John Novak’s scam reviews with the comments posted fom readers. Thank you

  8. I looked on a website called binary watchdog supposed a watchdog for scams I commented that I tried tauribot and found it a scam as it traded 18 trades on auto and lost 11 before I stopped it There was dozens of so called good reports on tauribot but after posting my bad experience it did not appear so be careful of the so called watchdog as wel

  9. All scams…. It would be expected to have a massive flood of good feedback from real users if these softwares were profitable. Bare with me, did you struggle to find a feed back to back you up on your decision to fund an account on any software? YES!!! YOU HAVE!!! lmfao… Besides i honestly think that the brokers joined forces and promote the “holy grails” to ripe us off…

  10. Please beware. The following sites all promote Tauribot. They are all in together with Binary Options Watch Dog.
    Binary Options Watch Dog. Jasmine Steve, Best Binary Options Signal PLUS
    Any site that says Tauribot is legitimate! (There are many)

    This SCAM conglomerate is really HUGE! These scammers also try very hard to produce “positive comments” from so called users!

  11. Thank you so much, John. Out of so many reviews, only you and * are telling the truth.
    I nearly deposited into the broker account until I came across these real reviews!

  12. Tauribot. is a scam i deposited money into BinaryBook and
    the first 30 trades i had 18 loses and 12 wins. I shut it down at
    that point and ask the Broker for my money back. I had to
    tell the Broker i was going to file a complaint with my
    credit card company if i did’t get a refund plus file a scam
    report. Guess what ? the Broker deposited my money on
    my card within 24 hours.

  13. Wish I had found this site before I actually funded Tauribot . It made 3 profitable trades in a row and I watched my broker chart to confirm price movement. The next 2 trades failed and I knew they would based on my own trading knowledge. Then 1 more winner so I was slightly ahead. Finally the last trade was another loss so no way was there going to be, as claimed, a 92% win rate and at 50 / 50 I am now down slightly. So now I’m at the deciding point all traders face. Trade again or take the Stop Loss. There are many requirements to getting a refund. I’ll be interested to see how quickly I can close the account.

  14. Since I am unable to trade binary options during the day EST, I have to trade in the evening EST and during weekends. Even though most markets are closed during the weekends, I have found that a couple of major pairs are still open, e.g. EURUSD and USDJPY on Saturdays. But the market is often rather calm during those hours. What is your advice as to trading during the hours I mentioned above?

    I also really need to have some honest assessment on John Kane of Binary Today’s Binary Today Trader signal provider. His software costs money, not “free,” different from the usual scammers.

    1. Hi, eToro is a social trading platform for Forex, where you can copy other traders. I’ve tested it in the past and it was extremely hard to find traders that are profitable in the long run with a good money management. In other words it was impossible for me to find good traders to copy. I think it is better to focus efforts on learning how to trade rather than trying to copy somebody that can disappear at any time. Concerning Nadex, it is a binary options exchange regulated in the U. S. I believe it is the only regulated option for U. S. traders.

  15. Thank goodness I decided to Google Dr Steven Archer, Ian Tauraski, et al, because I came really close to signing up with this Tauribot so-called system, which led me to this web site here: so, although I don’t know who you are John Novak, I offer my heartfelt thanks to you. It’s really refreshing to see lots of ordinary people; who, like me, are looking for a source of semi-passive income, and are ‘easy meat’ for the scammers of this world!

    I’m a writer, and i know absolutely nothing about trading, or binary options, however, I am definitely attracted to the concept of it. People who are ‘in the know’ certainly do seem to make lots of money from trading Forex and/or binary options, but there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of a study manual, or any training available.

    I really appreciate the comments of other, more experienced people, here; however, i am puzzled by the fact that that everyone seems to be mentioning the scammers and their ‘systems’ here. I can’t see any postings by people who are ‘in the know’; and, who are already making decent money at this game. Is there any one who can honestly recommend a system and a broker that actually works, and will enable us less ‘trading savvy’ to make some money?


    1. Hi, I am a trader myself, but it took me years to learn and be profitable. I created my own strategy. I believe that it is the only way. It’s hard work. Just like when you start your own business, you won’t get success overnight and not everybody succeeds. And successful traders usually don’t share their strategies because in financial markets everybody is a competitor.

  16. Is Mike Freeman’s Auto Signal software reliable? Is he as reputable as he claims to be in the binary options industry?

    1. Hi, Michael Freeman is a scammer, see
      So I don’t have any reason to believe that his software works. Concerning other providers, so far we haven’t seen anything profitable. This is not to say that there are not any honest signal/software providers, but the vast majority are scammers. In any case never start by trading with real money, alway test everything on a demo first. This is the safe way to verify. If the provider does not let you test the system on a demo, it is probably a scam.

      1. Much of the software is provided by a website “”. Those who promote the software are paid a minimum of $250 per signup. See why these are promoted so heavily? You can go signup at and pretend you are wanting to promote and you will see some of the past scams and new upcoming scams, too.

  17. I did fall for this scam, due primarily to the favorable reviews by Jasmine Steve, Binary Options Watch Dog, and a couple of other review sites. I had 47% ITM the first day, 51% ITM the second day. The support stops answering my questions. It appears that there is no trustworthy review site on automated binary options software except this one.

    I also had purchased software recommended by John Kane of Binary Today. He appears to be more trustworthy. The trouble is that the signals from his services may come at any time, usually during the day. My job prohibits the use of cell phone, Smart Phone, etc. This makes such services totally useless to me. Can trading binary options be profitable in the evening EST? Are the services recommended by John Kane, e.g. Binary Defender, Binary Brain Wave, workable?

  18. hi john, thank god i came across you today. i had sign up with tauribot and there broker was Titan trade. Every time i logged in they keep telling me to fund my account at Titan trade, but i never did because of the bad review i kept reading about them. when i send them an email about signing up with another broker they never responded. i had even tried posting a comment on Binary Option Watch Dog and they never responded. i find it strange because every time i makes a comment they never respond to it and it is always deleted. What kills me the most is that they are always rating it up and also ppl who claim that they have sign up and is doing v ery well.

  19. Thank God someone noticed what i also noticed. Even in the video, when the so called reported credited her account and made her first trade, they did’t show us which trade did the app selected. After this, i felt it, that something is fishy here

  20. Be careful out here guys to any false traps offered to you. In the last few years my email is bombarded with tons of spam and junk such as trading software, eBay making money, Amazon stuff etc.
    I learned and educated myself along the way that before jumping in any of these potential scammers, I have to do my homework any time no matter how good looks like.
    Precisely I am doing my own research, readings reviews info etc. Read and read a lot about potential fraud against you
    These people are very smart when it comes to scamming methods. They use their own systems marketing, reviews to attract people, tons of them giving positive feedback, forums, fake blogs for you to believe that looks legit and true. If you see slightly negative reviews they will try then to redirect you to other programs similar to the first one just to make you fall one or another.
    Please have patience and browse sufficient pages until you find real reviews like this blog before making wrong decisions. Congratulations guys and keep up the good work on this.
    All the best.

    1. Chitina!!! I have been doing the exact same thing as you. I have not yet to this day handed over my $250. I research and look up reviews and all the while I know along the way that even the reviews are to be questioned. So happy to have found people on the same wavelength as myself !!!

    LINK –

    1. The video is a fake too. I mean visit the web site of the University of Chicago and check yourself, there is nothing about Tauraski and Steven Archer. Please note that Easy Trading Signals is a scam web site that presents faked materials just like Binary Options Watchdog. There are part of a big network of scammers.

  22. Absolutely True!!… A web search will reveal exactly what the reviewer states. Almost fell for it!
    What gave it away to me, was an email from the ‘Dr’ telling me I hadn’t finished signup process and to hurry up and do so.
    The address at the bottom of the email states Talford Way? Manchester, Lancashire, UK. Funny! I was born close by, and what would a US ‘Dr’ be doing there?… Damn, these scammers are getting good! But not good enough it seems.

  23. Hi John!

    Thank you for the enlightening news…i almost fell for the tauribot as there were so many reviews by various sites claiming success!

    Your site was the last i was checking out!

    What can you tell me about option rally? As well, which provider/s do you recommend?

    Thank you again.


    1. Hi, unfortunately I haven’t seen any profitable binary option robot or signal service. In my opinion the only reliable way is to learn trading and trade with regulated brokers only. Option Rally is regulated, but I have no feedback about them.

  24. there is nothing honest. Anything claiming to make you money is a scam, because
    simply it would not make money if everyone knew it.

    There is only educating yourself.

  25. Yes I fell for VIRTNEXT and other Watchdog scams! Please keep up the good work!

    ps I undestand that Michael Freeman is actually behind or part of the Watchdog site

    1. I fell for watchdog approved autotrade bot with Centument and Tauribot. Cannot get onto either of their autotrade platform now and Tauribot only started today but left me with a small profit. Just wondering how long it will take to close the account at brokers and get my money back. centuments broker i was allocated is

      1. Hi, I don’t know how long it takes with these brokers, but just login to your accounts and submit withdrawal requests.

    2. i also fell for their virtnext that worked for only 2 days. I think thw best thing to do to these scamers is to reap the two days and finally withdraw all your funds, because i can remember that i deposited $250 and on the second day, my balance was $450. After that, the app started hanging

      1. It was just luck, the majority of people start losing immediately, we have a lot of feedback on that.

  26. There is a review on the Tauribot by
    the lady there name is Jasmine steve
    Its looks to me this review website is something rwong with it?
    There ar olso alot off reviews for other signal providers robots
    that only working the first 2 days.
    I m still looking for a real onest robot signal provider if any ????
    I hope did not offent enyone.
    All The Best

    1. Hi, yes, you are right, QuintUp is just another scam web site with fake reviews, they are getting paid for promoting scams. It is a very sad situation, because scammers have web networks that help them reach first positions in search engines, so a lot of people will fall on their fake reviews and get scammed. For us it is difficult to get to top places and let people know the truth about these binary options scams supported by a network of fake review web sites. In this huge sea of scams it is hard to find anything honest, so far I haven’t seen any profitable binary options robot or signal provider.

  27. Very helpful review. I almost fell for the scam. When I told Tauribot representative that I would like read reviews on the app, he said there was none and that the app is a money making secret.

  28. You are exactly right.
    I read your review on Tauribot.
    There is NO CHICAGO UNIVERSITY. There is a University of Chicago, and the logo for Chicago University is very similar to the original one for the University of Chicago.
    So, if CHICAGO UNIVERSITY DOES NOT EXIST, then how could Dr. Steven Archer exist?

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