Binary scam review – Virtual Income

Virtual IncomeIn this review we are going to examine a new binary options scam called “Virtual Income”. It has an anonymous presentation.

The man doing the Virtual Income presentation claims that the company Virtual Income Incorporated created a trading app that is based on highly-guarded proprietary set of trading mechanisms that virtually never lose money.

Testers of this app allegedly make millions of dollars. These numbers are allegedly confirmed and certified by independent auditors.

Virtual Income is a scam

The first warning sign is that the Virtual Income presentation is totally anonymous. The domain name has been registered on January 23, 2016, anonymously, of course. You won’t find any real contact information on the Virtual Income web site, only one e-mail address.

So everything is completely anonymous and you should never invest money with a company that is anonymous, not registered and not regulated.

Fake guarantee

guaranteeIn the presentation you can hear the claim that your income with Virtual Income is guaranteed.

But when you read the Earnings Disclaimer on their page, you will see not only that there are no guarantees, but that you can lose more than you deposit with them!

So you will be risking your money and you can lose it all.

Certified results?

In the presentation you can hear that the trading results posted on the Virtual Income web site have been verified by independent auditors. But they don’t provide any proofs, any contact information where you could check with the auditors that they really verified those results. It is because they are all fake and nobody verified anything.

Not free

No deposit, no access.
No deposit, no access.

In the presentation you can hear that they don’t want your money, but the opposite it true.

If you don’t deposit at least $250 with their broker, you won’t be able to use the Virtual Income app.

You know why? Because people behind this scam are affiliated with their broker, so they will get paid for every new depositor.

If you deposit your money and let Virtual Income trade your account, it is extremely probable that you will lose it, because this is what happens with binary options scams.


Virtual Income is a binary options scam. Don’t believe anybody who promises you money with binary options but asks for your deposit first.

If you are interested in seeing how money can really be made with binary options, try a free demo account.

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