BIO-TR by Binary Professionals is a SCAM robot – review

Bio-TrIn this review of BIO-TR we prove that it is a binary options scam. It is presented by Daniel Bloomberg.

BIO-TR is a binary options robot made by a company called Binary Professionals. This robot allegedly has an 81% win rate.

And Bloomberg says that you can get BIO-TR for free, so you can make money for free. Really?

Binary Professionals scam

Daniel BloombergThe reality is that BIO-TR by of Binary Professionals is a scam. It will just lose your money, you won’t see any earnings.

Binary Professionals is a fictitious company and Daniel Bloomberg is a scam artist. This guy is one of the most famous binary options scammers. We have seen him presenting several scams under different names, look at the picture.

Scam robot

The RobotBIO-TR is based on of the most dangerous binary options apps we have ever seen. Because this solution is nothing unique, the same software is used by many scams, like 247CashBot, Best Trading Robot or Free Robot Signals (see picture).

So we know this robot very well and thanks to feedback from real users we know that it is losing money in real trading.

It is very dangerous because it has a built-in demo that uses a fake price feed to generate fake profits. So it will make you believe that it works, but it doesn’t. Once you deposit money and let BIO-TR trade with your money, it will lose it, because real trading results cannot be faked.

The truth

The real purpose of Binary Professionals and their BIO-TR robot is to make you deposit money with their partner broker that will pay them for that. That’s all.

This is why they lie to you, they need you to deposit with their broker to earn them a commission.


Binary Professionals and BIO-TR are scams. The only result you can expect from the are losses.

To make real money with binary options you have to properly learn and build a profitable strategy. You can try and do that on a free demo account.

Stay on the demo until your strategy produces consistent profits.

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