Bitcoin Champion review – BEWARE, it’s a scam, we show proofs

Bitcoin Champion review

In this review we ask if Bitcoin Champion is legit. Our verdict is that it is not legit, it is a con and we prove it.

We tested Bitcoin Champion and our analysis shows what this system really is, how it works, that it is not legitimate and what you can do if you already got scammed.

What is Bitcoin Champion

Bitcoin Champion is a group of cryptocurrency traders. This group is trading mainly with the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency bitcoin.

It also is a trading app that will trade crypto markets automatically for anybody. It means that it will decide when to open trades, when to close them and it will execute these decisions on autopilot.

Main alleged features of the Bitcoin Champion app are:

  • it has an accuracy of 99.4 %, which means that it wins almost every trade it takes
  • it is very quick, it has an advantage of 0.01 seconds over other trading solutions
  • you need just a few minutes per day to make it work
  • it has won numerous awards, it is the nr. 1 trading app according to the US Trading Association

Thanks to all these features it is supposed to make you thousands of dollars per day and make you a millionaire pretty soon. For free, because you don’t have to pay anything to become a member of this group. Does it sound real?

How to register for Bitcoin Champion

To register for Bitcoin Champion you have to fill-in the registration form on its website. You have to provide your name, e-mail address and phone number.

In the next an account will be automatically created for you with your username and password. This way you will get access to the Bitcoin Champion platform. But trust us, you don’t want it.

Is Bitcoin Champion legit?

No, Bitcoin Champion is not legit, unfortunately. Everything that is said on the website of this system is fake.

Even the bitcoin price it shows is wrong. This system won’t and cannot make you any money, because in fact it is not a real crypto trading system.

The Bitcoin Champion scam

Bitcoin Champion is a scam, it is a fact. And we will prove it in this review. We have reviewed more than a thousand fraudulent programs and we know when we see one.

Copied scam

It all started a few years ago with Bitcoin Code, which was the first major and “successful” scam that was abusing the popularity wave of cryptocurrencies. Since then countless copies were created, one of them is Bitcoin Champion.

As you can see on the picture below, many frauds use the exact same concept, the same website, and even the same video. For example: Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Era and Bitcoin Future. They all are the same!

Many people have fallen for these scams, they have a lot of victims who lost a lot of money. We have heard many complaints from real users, and we know for sure that this Bitcoin Champion system loses money.

Bitcoin Champion scam

Fake testimonials

Another proof that Bitcoin Champion is a scam is in the testimonials you will find on its website. There are stories of four people who have allegedly earned thousands of dollars with this trading app, you can even see their pictures.

The problem is that these pictures are stock photos, as you can see below. These people are not real traders, let alone Bitcoin Champion users!

Is Bitcoin Champion legit?

Fake trading results

Bitcoin Champion is supposed to win almost every trade it takes. This statement corresponds with the live table with trading results you can see on its website. But again, it is fake.

How do we know it? Because it shows trading pairs that no broker offers, they don’t exist. Besides, it is impossible to win nearly every trade in crypto trading. Trust us, we are traders and we know this for sure.

In fact, any trading system that promises you a 90% + winning rate with a reasonable risk to reward ratio is certain to be a scam.

Bitcoin Champion is not profitable

It is an illegal service

One important thing to know when you consider trading systems like Bitcoin Champion is that automated apps are classified as investment services.

This is because these apps make and execute trading decisions on your behalf. Therefore, they are subject to regulation. Basically, everything that is supposed to interact with your money has to be authorized by financial regulators.

Is Bitcoin Champion regulated? No, not at all. In fact, it is an anonymous software, you won’t even be able to find out who is running it, who is behind it. This makes it an illegal investment service.

And this is important, because with unlicensed services your money is not protected and can disappear at any time. You can be sure that with this system it will.

The Bitcoin Champion App

How does the Bitcoin Champion app work? Well, it might be a surprise for you, but there is no Bitcoin Champion app.

This system is just a funnel that will forward you to a dirty broker that will give you access to its trading platform, but there is nothing special about it. It cannot trade automatically for you, let alone profitably.

Bitcoin Champion Demo

At the time of our Bitcoin Champion test there was no trading app, as we mentioned above. However, this might change over time and there is an important thing we want to draw your attention to.

When scams like this one give you access to special trading apps, the often have a demo mode. But the demo mode is rigged, it uses fake prices to generate fake profits that won’t happen in real trading.

You have to realize it and don’t let them fool you with these tricks and traps. Because their results from testing can never be replicated in real trading!

Is Bitcoin Champion safe?

No, Bitcoin Champion is not safe. In fact, it is dangerous. Because it is a system that was designed to steal your money. It will do the exact opposite of what it promises.

Instead of earning you profits, it will take your money and make it disappear. And then you will have a hard time trying to recover it.

Bitcoin Champion in the media

Scams like Bitcoin Champion like to brag about articles in media that mentioned them. Sometimes they go as far as claiming they featured on TV shows, which is never true.

They will even take real photos from real shows, make up stories about their scam being there and publish all this in fake articles!

Dragons’ Den

One of the favorite lies of Bitcoin Champion is that it was discussed in one of the episodes of the Dragons’ Den, which is a TV show in the UK about business ideas.

Just to be clear, it is not true, this scam has never been on TV.

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is a similar TV show in Australia and scammers like to make their fraudulent programs like Bitcoin Champion look local.

So, they will say that you could have seen their system in one of the Shark Tank episodes, but again, it is fake.


The Daily Mirror is one of the journals that is often abused by scammers, they create fake websites that look like Mirror Online and publish positive articles about Bitcoin Champion, so be careful and don’t trust them!

Celebrity Endorsements

One of the dirty tricks that scams like Bitcoin Champion like to use are fake endorsements from famous people, like Bill Gates for example. So far, we have noticed a few of them.

Elon Musk

The founder of Tesla – Elon Musk, is often abused by bitcoin scams. Fraudsters use Musk’s photos on their website and claim he endorses Bitcoin Champion, but it is fake. Musk has nothing to do with it.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is making money with Bitcoin Champion – this is a statement you will be able to find on many bitcoin scams’ website. But it is a lie in this case too, Branson has nothing in common with Bitcoin Champion.

Where is Bitcoin Champion available?

During our Bitcoin Champion tests and analysis we noticed that it is active mainly in the UK and Australia and possibly the US. But it really will target anyone who speaks English.

And it probably will be translated in other languages too, this type of scam spreads worldwide.

How does Bitcoin Champion work?

Now that we have explained that it is a scam, let us also explain how it really works. They told you that you can get access to the system for free, so you might think that you have nothing to lose in trying it. But you would be terribly wrong!

As we have already mentioned, the Bitcoin Champion App might offer you a demo mode which will generate fake profits. This and everything else is designed to convince you that the system is profitable.

Because if you believe it is, you will want to make real money with it.

And here is the trap: they will tell you that you have to deposit money with a broker they have chosen for you, otherwise you won’t be allowed to use the software. The minimum deposit will be 250 US dollars.

The broker they will refer you to will not be regulated, it will be very shady, like Markets Pilot. They will create an account with your name with this broker without even asking you! They will forward you directly to the deposit page and they will want your money.

Since you read our Bitcoin Champion review up to this point, you can now probably guess that if you send them your money, it will be game over. It will quickly disappear from your trading account. They will claim you lost it in trading, but in reality, they will keep it for themselves.

All you can expect are more calls for more deposits, but they will never earn you anything, they won’t even let you withdraw your deposit back.

How to stay safe

It is quite simple, you should not even register for Bitcoin Champion. Don’t provide them your personal information, there is a risk they would abuse it. They would call you and push to deposit money.

If you have already registered, certainly don’t deposit any money, don’t provide them your credit card information, don’t give them remote access to your computer. You are dealing with con men, so you have to be very careful.

The FINRA also provides some information about how to avoid investment scams in the following video.

Got scammed by Bitcoin Champion, what to do?

If it went this far, let us first say that we are sorry for what happened to you, it means that you found our review a little bit late.

If you got scammed by Bitcoin Champion, here is what you can do:

  1. Find out who you sent your money to. Sometimes it can be confusing, but Bitcoin Champion is not a real entity, you probably sent your money to a broker.
  2. Contact that broker and say you want your money back, ask for a withdrawal.
  3. If the broker refuses to cooperate, say you will report it to authorities and ask for a chargeback.
  4. If it doesn’t help, do it and try to reverse your deposit transaction. If you deposited with a credit card, you can ask your bank for a chargeback. If the transaction went through a payment provider, contact that payment provider with the same request.
  5. The worst-case scenario is if you sent the money with a bank wire, because these transactions are very hard to reverse. Consult your bank.
  6. If everything fails, ask the national financial regulator in your country for advice, they should be able to provide some guidance on the next steps.
  7. Please share this review on social media to help warn other people.

In any case you should also ask everybody who you provided your personal information to in relation to Bitcoin Champion to delete it. It will be hard, since you will be dealing with scammers, but it always is worth trying.

Bitcoin Champion review verdict

Bitcoin Champion is a scam, there is no doubt about it. It was made to make you believe it can earn you money, but it can’t. Its true purpose is to take your money and enrich scammers who run it. Our recommendation is to stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in cryptocurrency trading, get a free demo account with a regulated broker and start experimenting. You will have virtual money to test everything risk free.

When you want to start trading with real money, be sure to understand the risks and have a good strategy.

Please help us to warn other people about this Bitcoin Champion scam by sharing our review on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Champion a scam, a con?

Yes, Bitcoin Champion is a scam. It is full of fake information and its only purpose is to get your money.

Does Bitcoin Champion really work?

No, Bitcoin Champion does not work, because it is a fraudulent system that cannot trade cryptocurrencies profitably.

How to join Bitcoin Champion?

You can join Bitcoin Champion just by filling the form on its webpage. But don’t do it, don’t give your personal information nor money to scammers.

Is Bitcoin Champion really profitable?

No, Bitcoin Champion is not profitable at all. In fact, it is losing money, people are reporting complete losses of their trading capital.

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