DISGUSTING SCAM: Bitcoin Money Machine

Bitcoin Money Machine websiteThis is a review of the Bitcoin Money Machine scam. It is presented by Warren Young.

Young claims that can give you access to a secret trading technology based on Emeli A. I. This trading system trades Bitcoin, so it is called Bitcoin Money Machine.

Bitcoin Money Machine can allegedly make you $5,000 per day on autopilot because it has a 98% winning rate. And yes, it is free, because otherwise nobody would care.

Bitcoin Money Machine scam

This is the typical scam scheme, Warren Young is a fictitious character with a BS story about a miraculous trading software.

Funds not insured

Young says that all your trading funds are insured because of their elite status with their broker. It is not true, because Bitcoin Money Machine forces you to open an account and deposit with Bloombex, which an unregulated broker, therefore your funds are not insured.

Funds are insured with regulated brokers only.


testimonialsAll the testimonials that you can see on the Bitcoin Money Machine webpage are fake. Stolen photos were used with fake stories.

You can see it easily, because what is supposed to be Facebook comments is not clickable, there are no working links to see the original comments, because they don’t exist.


BitcoinMoneyMachineSoftwareWhat you will really get with Bitcoin Money Machine is a crappy software with no real strategy. This is why it can be free, it cannot trade profitably, it generates losses in the long term.

This way we come to the real purpose of this scam. People who created it are affiliated with some brokers and they will get paid for referring new depositors to these brokers.

So to convince you to sign up with them and send money to their broker, they made up this story about Bitcoin Money Machine that allegedly can make you rich. And they have to give it to you for free so that you don’t hesitate.

What really happens is that you get the software for free, but the software will lose your money that you deposit with their broker. End of story.


Bitcoin Money Machine is a scam that abuses binary options. It has no real strategy, so it loses money.

To build a real profitable strategy that will make you money you can use a free demo account.

There you will learn how to trade binary options properly.

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