Bitcoin Optimizer review – Top 3 proofs it’s a HORRIBLE scam

Bitcoin Optimizer review

Our analysis of the Bitcoin Optimizer system reveals that this trading app is a scam that is losing money in cryptocurrency trading.

During our test of Bitcoin Optimizer, we found out what this system really is about, how it works, why it is a scam and what you could do if you already got scammed. We present our findings in this review.

What is Bitcoin Optimizer

Bitcoin Optimizer is a trading system made for the cryptocurrency bitcoin. It is reserved for a group of people, therefore it is not available to the general public. It allegedly will trade with big profits.

Its official website describes the following key features of Bitcoin Optimizer:

  • it is built by experienced traders
  • it trades on autopilot
  • the app has a high win-rate
  • the trading app is customizable
  • it is an award-winning system

The two most important questions are how much does Bitcoin Optimizer earn and how much does it cost? The answers are: 13,000 USD per day and 0 USD. In other words you will have nothing to pay to become a member of the group and the app will earn you at least 13 thousand dollars within the first 24 hours.

Can you believe that? Well, you shouldn’t.

How to register for Bitcoin Optimizer

The registration process for Bitcoin Optimizer is quite straightforward. You just have to fill-in the form on the official website. You will provide your name, phone number and e-mail address, that’s it.

Then, an account in the official app will be created for you and you will be able to log in. The final step is to start using it, but don’t do it.

Is Bitcoin Optimizer legit?

Bitcoin Optimizer is not a legitimate trading system for cryptocurrencies. In reality, it is a software that has no real edge in the markets, it cannot trader profitably, therefore it cannot make you any money.

Unfortunately, all the features of Bitcoin Optimizer mentioned on its official website are fake. It was not built by experienced traders, it doesn’t have a high win-rate and it certainly has not win any awards.

Is Bitcoin Optimizer safe?

Bitcoin Optimizer is not safe. It is outright dangerous for you and your money. The only thing it can achieve is to make you lose money in cryptocurrency trading.

We believe that is not safe even for your personal data. Because you cannot trust Bitcoin Optimizer and people who run it, you should not provide them with any personal information, let alone copies of your personal documents.

The Bitcoin Optimizer scam

Is Bitcoin Optimizer a scam? The answer is yes, it is a scam, a horrible one. It is not even a mistake that it is not earning any money. It was designed that way, because its only aim is to transfer your money to scammers.

Registering for this program is extremely risky, you would be handing your information and money over to proven fraudsters. For this conclusion of our Bitcoin Optimizer review we provide the following three proofs.

1. A copied scam

Bitcoin Optimizer is a mix of several older scams. At its heart there is the Bitcoin Code scam. You can see this name in its video. It also is a partial copy of the Bitcoin Loophole scam.

In our picture below you will see other examples of fraudulent systems that have been mixed together while creating Bitcoin Optimizer.

The most important thing is that all these apps are proven scams. We have a lot of feedback from real users about them and we are absolutely sure that they are losing money in real trading. There is nothing positive you could expect from them.


2. Fabricated testimonials

We have just mentioned that real users of the Bitcoin Optimizer app confirmed to us that they have lost money with it. So, how it is possible that on its official website you will find positive testimonials saying the opposite?

It is because these official reviews are fake. Scammers who run this system fabricated them with stock photos. You will again find a proof in the picture we provide below. You can see that these people are not real users of Bitcoin Optimizer, they are models posing on stock photos.

These testimonials are not real

3. Dirty software with a fake demo

In the Bitcoin Optimizer’s video on its website you can see a glimpse of the trading platform. Fortunately, we know it very well, so we can tell you every important bit of information about it.

The first thing you should know about the software is that it is nothing unique, it has been used by different scams for several years. The Bitcoin Optimizer platform is known for losing money in real trading.

The most dangerous thing about it is its demo. This might surprise you, because demo accounts generally are designed for safe testing with virtual money, right? But not in this case. Yes, they will let you try it with virtual money, but the problem is that the platform uses fake prices.

It means that in the demo mode it will generate a lot of profits, fake profits. These results will not be replicable in trading with real money, because in real trading prices cannot be faked. But not everybody will notice this dirty trick, so a lot of people will be tricked into thinking that Bitcoin Optimizer really works. But it doesn’t.

The trading platform with a fake demo

Bitcoin Optimizer in the media

We have to differentiate between the real bitcoin and Bitcoin Optimizer. Bitcoin is a real cryptocurrency that has had its ups and down and it is perfectly legit to trade it.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Optimizer is an illegitimate system that is lying about everything, including the real bitcoin. For example, on its website you will find statements about bitcoin going always up and past 4000 dollars. But it is not true, bitcoin is going up and down and it has not touched 4000 dollars in more than a year.

Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank and Bitcoin Optimizer

Scammers often publish fake articles about their products, in this case you will probably find them claiming that Bitcoin Optimizer featured in the Dragons’ Den on BBC in the UK and in the Shark Tank in Australia. It is not true!

They can go as far as fabricating articles with real pictures from TV shows, but the story will always be fake, Bitcoin Optimizer has neve been and never will be on TV, because it is a scam!

The same applies to journals like the Mirror, they have never published a single article about Bitcoin Optimizer.

And finally, one of the favorite tricks of fraudsters is to claim that Bitcoin Optimizer is endorsed by celebrities like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Bill Gates or Gordon Ramsay. Again, it is a lie, no famous person has ever invested in or endorsed this app, that is a fact that we have verified.

How Bitcoin Optimizer works – the truth

The common misconception is that since Bitcoin Optimizer is free, you have nothing to lose in trying it. In reality the exact opposite is true. First of all, the system is not free.

If you sign up for Bitcoin Optimizer, you will quickly be forwarded to an unregulated broker (see how to check it) and asked to deposit at least 250 US dollars of your very own money. As we have already explained in this review, Bitcoin Optimizer has a fake demo mode in which you will be able to try it.

But if you want to start using it for real trading, you will have to deposit money with a selected broker, you will have no choice. You will not be allowed to choose your own company. Why?

Because scammers who run Bitcoin Optimizer cooperate with a few scam brokers and they will share between them all the money you deposit. This is how it will disappear.

Beware, scammers publish their own Bitcoin Optimizer reviews that are fake!

This is how Bitcoin Optimizer works, it is a big lie designed to convince you to send money to scammers. It is as simple as that. Everything you send them will be lost.

They will make up lies about your money being lost in trading, about how it is going to be different next time. They will pressure you to send them more and more money. But everything you give them will go straight into their pockets – this is how they proceed.

Got scammed by Bitcoin Optimizer? Here is what you can do

If you have already sent money through Bitcoin Optimizer to a shady broker, you probably can no longer access it, because you got scammed. It is a common thing that they freeze accounts of their clients.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Identify the company you sent your money to. In most cases, it is a broker that you should have a trading account with.
  2. If you cannot access your trading account, contact the broker via any means possible and ask for a withdrawal or a complete refund of your money.
  3. If they don’t cooperate, threaten them with official complaints to authorities and a chargeback on the deposit transaction(s).
  4. If it doesn’t work, do everything you can to really reverse your deposit transaction. If you sent your money with a credit card, ask the card issuer (typically your bank) to do a chargeback on the transaction.
  5. If you sent your money through a third-party payment provider, contact this provider with a refund request.
  6. The hardest to reverse are bank wires. Ask your bank for advice, you can also contact the bank of the recipient of your wire.
  7. If made your deposit with a cryptocurrency transfer, these are absolutely irreversible.
  8. When asking for a chargeback, always explain in detail how you got scammed.

Also, every country has a national financial regulator that should be able to provide advice with these matters.

Last but not least, if you provided your personal data and documents to the Bitcoin Optimizer scammers, it is also a thing worth your attention.

If they have only your e-mail, name and phone, probably the worst thing you can expect are annoying calls to deposit more money. However, if you sent them copies of your personal documents or your credit card, it is worth getting these documents new so that they don’t get abused.

Bitcoin Optimizer – our verdict

Our review proves beyond any shadow of doubt that Bitcoin Optimizer is a scam. It can only be detrimental to your money. It has noting to do with real cryptocurrency trading, you have to stay away from it to be safe!

If you are interested in legitimate cryptocurrency trading, get a free demo account with a regulated broker and start learning with virtual money.

Don’t forget that there always are risks associated to trading with real money, so be careful if you decide to invest for real.

Please help us warn other people against the Bitcoin Optimizer scam and share our review.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bitcoin Trader a scam?

Unfortunately, yes, Bitcoin Trader is a scam. It was designed to transfer your money from you to fraudsters who run this system.

Is Bitcoin Trader real?

No, Bitcoin Trader is not real. There is no real trading system behind it, just a scammy app that will lose your money pretending that it was crypto trading.

Can I trust Bitcoin Trader?

No, you can’t trust Bitcoin Trader, because it is a scam. You should not even sign up for this app in order not to give your personal information to scammers.

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