BIZNET is an ILLEGAL investment service – review

In this review we explain our doubts about the investment service Biznet and why we recommend avoiding it.

What it is about

Biznet websiteBiznet is a private investors and entrepreneur network. Biznet is supposed to make you money, returns allegedly are between 20 and 30% per month.

Which by the way means between 892 and 2330% per year (assuming that you leave your profits each month on your trading account for the whole year).

These numbers are staggering, can they be real? We don’t think so.

Illegal investment service

Biznet Group LLPThe most important thing that you should know about Biznet is that it is an illegal investment service. It is operating from Great Britain, the full name of the company is Biznet Group LLP and the company number is  OC416452 (see Companies House).

The company exists only since March 2017, so it has no history, no track record.

But here comes the key part. If you a British company wants to provide investment services, it has to have a FCA licence. But Biznet has no licence whatsoever, it is not in the FCA register. Therefore it is operating illegally!

This is the main reason we strongly recommend avoiding Biznet, this company is not regulated, your money would not be protected and you could lose it any time.

Unrealistic numbers

We know that world’s best hedge funds manage to make in one year what Biznet promises in one month (30%). This is another huge warning sign.

Do you really think that such competent traders would provide investment services illegally for free and with an affiliate program? Do you really think that 892 – 2330% per year is a realistic number? We know that it is not.


Company's managementWe also investigated about people who run Biznet. The first strange thing is that Roman Drobina has a public profile on the social network VK under a different name – Roman Nikolaevich.

Or did he not give his complete name? Who knows, but when you try to look solid to investors, your name should be the same everywhere.

Another thing is that these people obviously had other trading projects in the past, but it seems they already failed.

Strange promotionLook at the example on our picture. Chebotarev had been promoting Robotrend with a signals system called Zeus Pro v2, which is already disabled and unavailable. And the Robotrend website is also down.

All in all the management team behind Biznet doesn’t inspire us confidence. When we look at their videos, we don’t see anything that could not be faked. You can hire an office for a day, place your computers there, open trading apps on your screens etc. So it is not a proof for us that it is legit.


Biznet is an illegal investment service, because it is operating from the UK with no licence. Moreover there are some strange things about the people who run this company. And promised returns are totally unrealistic. So we recommend staying away from Biznet.

If you want to see what is realistic in terms of trading, try a free demo account. You can make 30% in one month with some luck, but you won’t be making 30% every month. Returns in trading are not always the same, because markets conditions change.

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6 thoughts on “BIZNET is an ILLEGAL investment service – review

  1. Biznet management are in Russia and they are operating 100% in Russia, they are Trading Crypto currency which is unregulated in all over the world, but every thing s possible and w need to be carefully as we are investing money on it. now there is an issues that Russian Government stop Biznet to do business in with Russian Citizen in all over the world. and that affected other customer business too.
    best regards

    1. Please understand that it does not matter what assets they trade. The moment they accept money from people and they promise returns, they have to be regulated. This is the law in most countries.

  2. Hello, i read your Review but first to inform you that, they not paying 20% to 30% it’s 15% to 25% monthly and profit not fix.. And for FCA i want to inform you that in Nov 2016 they were do trade for private investor and only Russian investor not for UK investor that’s why they not registered in FCA And you doing blam to this site because you promoting your site . so kindly check it’s document again where they registered from.. and how they give profit . Thank

    1. All the information in our review was valid at the time of publication. Concerning the payouts, you can check the first image to see the proof. No matter who you provide your investment services to, you have to be regulated. Biznet is now allegedly based in Portugal, but still not regulated. And check their website now, it seems that Biznet is reaching the end…

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