BLATANT SCAM: BTC Trade Farm review

BTC Trade FarmIn this review you will learn that BTC Trade Farm is a cryptocurrency investment scam.

BTC Trade Farm is a cryptocurrency investment program. They say an automated trading robot is doing all the work behind the scenes, so you just have to deposit and watch your capital grow. By how much?

There are six investment plans with returns up to 100% after two days, which means 1500% per month. Are these numbers possible?

BTC Trade Farm scam

Investment plansNo, in all honesty 1500% per month is not possible, BTC Trade Farm is a scam. The numbers speak for themselves here, trust us, nobody can multiply your money 15 times in a month.

Especially not with the current state of cryptocurrencies markets. Last year was a wild ride, but this year cryptocurrencies are down and losing.

Illegal program

The companyBTC Trade Farm claims to be based in New York, but we are pretty sure it is not true. The real identity and address of scammers who run this program remains unknown.

In any case it is an illegal investment program, because it has no licence from any financial regulator in the world.

How it really works

BTC Trade Farm obviously is a Ponzi scheme. This means that new deposits are used to pay withdrawals. As you can guess, this illegal system cannot work for long, because withdrawals will quickly exceed deposits, which will initiate a collapse and loss of money.


BTC Trade Farm is an obvious scam, an illegal investment scheme that is going to fail quickly. Stay away from it.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot make money in cryptocurrencies trading. You can, but you have to learn a lot of things and prepare a good strategy. You can try it on a free demo with a regulated broker.

Remember that trading can bring you profits, but also losses, so act accordingly.

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2 thoughts on “BLATANT SCAM: BTC Trade Farm review

  1. Hi I been scammed by these scum bags , they also use hackers , when make withdraw say to luno they some how take the money as soon it hits luno and then they give some bullshit luno support that you have to pay a FAC fee, you pay that ok , then the real luno gets back to you with there email saying that your funds have been transfer to a third party , and bct trade tech say that there hacker can get your money, the hacker show me my bank we’re they transfer the funds in my name with my phone number using my I’d to open bank account and just like that the fund was gone and bank account close, I have FBI Agent’s on to this

  2. The review is so shallow and doesn’t make enough ground to reach that conclusion.

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