BLOWING SCAM: BitcoinMiner 365 review

Bitcoin Miner 365 websiteIn this review we explain why Bitcoin Miner 365 is a scam that cannot make you the money it promises.

Bitcoin Miner 365 is supposed to be a cloud mining service for bitcoin. You don’t need to buy any hardware, you just rent it from the company and use it for mining. Then you get the profits in bitcoins.

There are three mining plans, the best one is promising 7% daily on your investment. It means 210% per month. Can you really triple your money with this program each month?

Bitcoin Miner 365 scam

Impossible profitsNo, you cannot triple your money in one month with Bitcoin Miner 365, nor with any other mining service.

The reason is very simple, with the computing difficulty of mining, hardware costs, electricity costs and the current price of bitcoin, mining is barely profitably nowadays.

Even when the bitcoin price was almost three times higher last year in December, it was by far impossible to make 7% per day in mining.

This simply means that BitcoinMiner 365 is a scam, there is no real mining going on. Either it is a plain scam that will take your cryptocurrency and never give anything back, or it is a Ponzi scheme that might pay for a few days or weeks and then collapse.

Either way it is a scam that you have to stay away from. Remember that they accept deposits in cryptocurrencies only, and crypto transactions are more or less anonymous and irreversible. So, once you send them your money, there will be no way to get it back.


BitcoinMiner 365 is a total scam, it is impossible to make 7% per day in bitcoin mining!

Crypto mining is barely profitable, but you can try crypto trading instead. Start on a free demo account and see how it works.

Test on the demo risk free to see if you are able to learn to trade profitably.

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3 thoughts on “BLOWING SCAM: BitcoinMiner 365 review

  1. Yes it is scam. My deposit was successfully sent and they confirmed it. But the status on my Dashboard was not increased. It remains zero deposit. I contacted their support e-mail, they didn’t reply. They requested me to show the screen and I complied, But after this screenshot I showed to them, they started to ignore my tickets I filed them. That’s why it is confirmed that is really scam!

    1. At last, my deposit has been credited and now working. I thought it would not be added to my dashboard. But now my ticket was answered after 2 days. It works. I hope this investment will be profitable!

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